• Im one of those annoying people who tackle the parents straight way. "Excuse me, I don't know if you realise, but the headsets have to be left behind" And if they look confused I would say "All 4 of your children have put a headset in their pocket" (or whatever they have done). I get REALLY pissed when people don't teach their kids good values
  • um no.
  • I think that if a flight is advertised as having TVs available then you should be given the headphones. If those people were on the first leg of a return flight then paying twice for the same headphones is daylight robbery.
  • who made you JetBlue's police? if the company wants customers to pay for the headsets they should not leave them where innocent children and their harried parents will falsely assume the previously 'free' equipment is still gratis.
  • I would have thought that you were buying them for the dollar. When I flew Westjet to Calgary, I paid $1.00 for the cheapest set I had ever seen; most of the passengers took the with them on landing. Then flying home, they were just giving them away. Besides, would you want to use a second-hand set of headphones?
  • When I take flights like that instead of wasting another pair (to get used). I take them on the next flight(if its the same airliner). Then again I never paid for the head phones so I always was thinking I was helping the airliners save by not using two when one would work. I don't think I would pay to listen to a movie even on the long 11hr flights I take.
  • Thou shalt not steal. Read your Bible to your children. Read your Bible.
  • When I was mayor we had a lot of trouble with kids whose parents never chastised or controlled them. Children need parenting. Exception: If parents think like thieves their children will become thieves.
  • I might talk to the parents, but not the JetBlue people.
  • I may quietly mention it to a steward or stewardess. My disappointment is more with the parents who obviously have not taught their children that theft of any kind is not only illegal but immoral as well. This is not a lesson my child will miss.

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