• It sounds like a good idea. They are small and efficient, easy to care for, less expensive than other apartments, and may be all you need. I have never had one, but my wife and I did move into a much smaller apartment during graduate school to save money. It was a wise decision.
  • I did live in one years ago and it was ok. If you have a lot of stuff, it won't will have to store some of it. They are of course very small but easy to clean. Everything in one room..really small bathroom..shower only no tub. Depends on what you are looking for. If you plan on having company a lot..probably won't work. If you are just there to eat and sleep, should work fine.
  • they can be small and cozy. generally a cat is okay. if you dont have much stuff. the kitchen is usually abreviated. hopefully you get off street parking. and a small storage area.
  • you are only saving money. you would do better with a one bedroom or a two bedroom apartment. its nice to be able to close off a bedroom to visitors. or to have someone spend the night in a guest room. or use one room for a study office mess computer room. if you have friends, it is nice to have room for friends to visit. in a studio apartment you are short on room for guests, you have to slide outside to a patio if you are lucky to have one. or to a roof top, or to the side yars. a real kitchen is nice too. instead of just a microwave oven and a small refrigerator that doesnt even have ice. you would be wiser to get a real apartment. if you can afford it. it might not be too much difference in cost. small is nice, but small is really handicapped.
  • I lived in a studio when I first moved to Minnesota 40 years ago. It was affordable, yet reasonably large. The complex had an outdoor pool. I loved it, until someone broke into my car ... TWICE in one month ... so I moved.
  • i have a one bedroom apt but i dont think its a studio one

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