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  • I honestly think that it can be worse. Having sex with someone else when you're drunk isn't as bad as spending six months exchanging emails with a co-worker about how much you love eachother and wish you could be together.
  • Mentally cheating is definitly worse then physically cheating.
  • Define mentally cheating?
  • As long as it's not an obsession, no.
  • if you mean looking at another person and having a physical attraction (well no)you can't stop your hormones they just happen but if you are taken you should try to limit how much you do it. If your in love you won't be interested in looking for another person.
  • About a year ago I was having this mentally cheating thing with a guy that I never spoke to,and he was working in the same plaza where I was working,We would take break times together and have cigarettes looking at each other.Oh my god I would feel so guilty in front of my husband,nobody can imagine that,I could not sleep for guess what I did,I quit my job,so that would end!And now I'n happy.So yes,mentally cheating could be even worse!!!!!
  • Any action that detracts from your devotion to your spouse is bad. If you find yourself dreaming of someone else it's time for a reality check. Humanly speaking, it's obviously more hurtful to yourself, your spouse and whoever the other he/she is when you go ahead and make it physical. Morally/spiritually speaking (you didn't specify or exclude this parameter in the question): Jesus Christ taught that, in the case of a man, to look on a woman lustfully was to commit adultery with her in your heart.
  • I think it's worse, actually. Physically cheating can be attributed to lust, but emotional infidelity means you've allowed yourself to develop feelings for another person.
  • yes mental cheating is bad. but physical cheating is also bad bcaus physical cheating develops mental cheating.
  • Every human cheats mentally by creating images in the mind of some other person. Physical cheating would be the worst.
  • No...not really...sometimes random thoughts race through our minds before we even know we are thinking pornography....or inappropriately looking at women/men in front of a significant other is hurtful...but not cheating.
  • If it's just in your head no...If you r talking to someone on the computer then yes
  • I think most everyone thinks about other people at times when ther're having sex with there wife or husband. It's just a thought. You cross the line when you put it into real time play with actions, such as email love, phone sex, thats action. Yeh, then that would be cheating.
  • No Way! "Mentally Cheating?!" Unless you act on your thoughts how can it be called cheating? I would hate to be held to that standard. No one could live up to it.
  • sometimes it is worse.....mental cheating sometimes happens continuously.....physical cheating is often a one-time event (a moment of weakness) neither are justified....but I would be more upset about mentally cheating
  • Christ says it is.
  • yes, quite the same. body is important, but i would never trust a girl wich i know has eyes for others too. that's not what i'd want
  • I don't think it's But, it is bad. Mentally cheating can very easily lead to physically cheating. Lust is lust.... mentally or physically.
  • Do you mean like a fantasy of cheating? If so then no I dont think its as bad as actually doing something. Its when they act on the mental cheating that you should worry. Otherwise I think people see attractive people all day and they may use them in fantasies that night.
  • This seems to be very specific to each person! For me, an emotional affair is worse than a physical affair by far. I've been on the receiving end of both at different points in my life with different men. The emotional affair was much more devastating to me!
  • What is mental cheating? How can one CHEAT mentally? It's not possible. You have to have dealings with someone in order to cheat. Adultery is cheating. Having an ongoing sexual affair is cheating. Having feelings for someone that you don't act on is NOT cheating.
  • Mentally cheating? Fantasy? Nope.
  • I don't think mentallyy cheating is as bad as physically cheating but it is between that person and God because if the person never voices who they're thinking about then only God would know. The thing is mentally cheating can be internally devastating because you wish your spouse was the person you're thinking about especially during sex. When you can't be with that person either because you're married or they're married or both, then it is easy to lash out on your husband and feeling trapped or forced to be with a person you don't want to be with. Mental cheating is something that can only fade with time. If the person never acts on their feelings then this can take a very long time because it's like there's a certain curiosity that will never be fulfilled (only in the mind). The worst thing about mental cheating is that the one who's doing it must be careful not to call their spouse that other person's name at any given time but especially during sex. We as humans tend to speak out what was previously on our minds in our subconsious and if you're thinking about the other person, you have to be careful not to let it slip off your tongue or the results could be just as damaging as if you had already committed the act of adultery.
  • Thoughtcrime? Isn't there a George Orwell book about this?
  • what makes an emotional affair worse is that is might be forgivable... a physical affair is easy, she lets another man enter her it is over.
  • just as long as you don't get caught up in the world in your mind because then you'll end up losing interest and hurting your significant otherrr
  • Not really. Our feelings may be difficult to control at times but our bodies are fully controllable. I think physical cheating is far worse because you've taken it that extra, very vital step... it's where the rubber really hits the road.
  • No, but what the mind can concieve, the body can achieve. Learn to control your thoughts.
  • I stick to "as lond as you don't touch - you're fine" attitude
  • If I had to choose, I would rather my boyfriend "mentally cheat" than "physically cheat". Therefore, no, I don't view it as as bad. However, I don't view it as right, either.
  • I would say no because you aren't actually doing it...but I would hate to know that my boyfriend was thinking about someone else. Also, I think that mentally cheating brings one closer to emotions whereas physically cheating may mean nothing at all... That's not to say it's right or acceptable in my book.

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