• If your religion told you that up was down, would you persist in not accepting the truth? Even after falling on your face repeatedly? I suppose it's possible, because humans are infinitely creative when it comes to denying the truth and believing lies of all kinds in the name of religion. Your religion is wrong. If you "can't" change your beliefs about something that is wrong then there is also something wrong with you. Friends who persist in trying to get you to accept the truth, despite your rebuffs, are true friends.
  • Just say, "I refuse to believe in science, and will go on promoting my beliefs, no matter how unjust, or who it hurts." That's what you're saying anyway; you may as well cut to the chase. Either that, or say, "I don't care to discuss my beliefs." Then don't discuss them - ever. Certainly not where innocent children could be tainted by such bigotry.
  • agree to disagree. my friend and I have the same problem, we just dont talk about it. I am on the other side though
  • You "can't" change your views? Why not? You need to find a religion that works for you. You shouldn't HAVE to believe something, just because.
  • If your believing something that tells you to believe in exactly the way they tell you to you might as well be in a country that lets the government control your life.
  • Are your gay friends trying to force you into a gay marriage? If not, then what's your problem?
  • 1. Give up your religion - or at least that flavour of it. 2. Give up your gay friends You have a choice. It is up to you. But you cannot have it both ways. Decide,and live with the decision you have made.
  • There's way more evidence that homosexuals are born, and don't choose. Oh that's right, religious people don't accept evidence. Damn. Um, OK. Well, you just can't talk about it, then. Or don't be friends.
  • Do you believe and accept EVERYTHING your religion tells you, no matter how far-fetched or irrational? Is there ANYTHING your church might tell you that would cause you to draw the line and say, "This is ridiculous! This makes no sense!" How crazy does a religion have to be before its believers come to their senses and reject it? Does God give people intelligence so they will believe anything they're told? Is gullibility a virtue? At what point does God want you to evaluate what you see with your own eyes and determine whether it makes sense? When is the last time you figured something out for yourself? How did it feel?
  • Basically you are saying that your religion forbids you from accepting your friends as they are, then why be friends? I couldnt be part of any religion that could not accept people for who they are, didn't jesus say let he who is without sin cast the first stone?
  • If your religion told you it was OK to kill someone who is different from you, would you do it? Unfortunately, some people actually twist and turn the words around in their religious teachings to do just that. Or, to start wars....or to simply preach hatred and intolerance. If your religious teachings are as you describe, I find it surprising you'd even be friends with someone gay. I find it difficult to remain friends with those who are intolerant or bigoted....I would, and I have, distanced myself from people like that. Someone who claims to be my friend but disapproves of who I am is no friend. So, stick with a church that teaches you to be intolerant, find a new church, or dump the people you claim are your friends by you can't accept the truth about who they are. What is your decision? Or are you just going to stick your fingers in your ears and say "lalalala...I can't hear you!"
  • First I'd like to commend you for your standing up to the truth. It is not your viewpoint that needs changing, it is their lifestyle that needs changing. This may cause a loss of friendship, but in this you can at least have a clean conscience with it. Stand firm and pray that they too will come to know the truth.
  • Well, if I think about it, and I assume you are a Christian, since I don't feel like basing an answer off of something as ambigous as religion, if you are actually going to say that you are completely bound to what it says in, say, the Bible, you should actually do everything that it says. I don't think you do, because you say that you actually have gay friends. If you are a Christian who says that you are completely bound to the beliefs of your religion, then you should be completely bound to all of them, and I should be able to liken you to the Westboro Baptist Church congregation, because they are the only true believers in the Bible that I know of. Really though, this goes for any set of beliefs. Even if you're not a Christian, you're still getting your beliefs from somewhere, and I can guarantee that there are some things that you don't 100% agree with. So, I would say that there are two options: you can either conclude that there is no middle ground and you need to start believing every single thing your religion tells you whether you like it or not, or you can realize that since there are some things in your religion you don't like and omit for personal reasons, you should take another look at what your friends are saying. Or you could just say that I'm full of shit and not listen to me....that's a third option, I guess.
  • Obviously you can tell them to stop trying by saying "stop trying to change my views". Really, you have the right to your views no matter how ignorant or ill-founded they are, and you should not allow anyone to try to *force* you to re-examine them. The right to be ignorant is fundamental, even though we value truth and intelligence. They still need to arrive through legitimate (choiceful) means, not via peer pressure.
  • They're not going to stop trying to make you agree with them, just as you will most likely never change your beliefs. Its just how life is.
  • homosexuality is forbidden by The Lord, and listed as "a disgusting thing in his eye. You need to deal with you. The Lord also says for you to be no part of this world and to stay away from disgusting this, yet there you are hanging with homosexuals. Do not get the wrong impression here, I have ACQUAINTACES AT WORK" WHO HAPPEN TO BE GAY, but as far as friends, no way. I also try to live by Bible standards and I also know that it is next to impossible to adhere to all of what is written only because we are imperfect. But just because we are imperfect and sin every single day, does not mean we should go for broke . We just strive to make ourselves more aware of our actions and try to live a wholesome, decent life. Revelations states that this world is passing away and it truly is...What used to be normal and good is now bad and "outdated living" But God did not set that standard a sick society did. This is our Sodom and Gommorah and we all know what happened in the end....What choice are you going to make..?
    • Thinker
      Where in the Bible does it say adult consensual homosexuality is a sin or wrong? Sodom and Gomorrah were not destroyed for homosexuality. Everywhere in the Bible that lists the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah homosexuality is not listed.
    • Thinker
      If you would like more information about homosexuality go to Amazon books and look up God is not a homophobe by Darwin Chandler. It just might tell you the truth about consensual homosexuality.
  • Basically the best method here is to try and have it come up in conversation. Good friends would realize this is and not force something down your throat that you don't believe in.
  • I don't think we are born either gay or straight (this differs with how I viewed it in my past). I think we are born neutral and for most of us we determine being straight as what is "normal" and choose that road. They're probably going to continue trying. Just try not to bring it up.
  • just tell them you dont want to talk about it
  • Tell them to change theirs
  • just tell them you dont want to talk about it
  • Nobody believes 100% of every word uttered by their religion. To totally abandon critical thinking in order to follow your religion word for word and give up making any of your own decisions is far more of a cult rather than a religion. Go ahead and think for yourself from time to time. It won't kill you.

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