• My gut reaction would be that they feel obligated to ask you, or believe that it is the right thing to do. Also, consider that the person may not really like you, but feels like they owe you the opportunity to change their mind about you. I've had situations in which I didn't really care for someone, but because that person was close to someone that I *do* care for very much, I felt it only fair to give them a chance.
  • Sometimes my husband doesn't like going to the movies, because it is a far drive from where we live. However, we need to compromise in terms of personal entertainment. He likes watching the movie once he is already there, and I will relent and do an activity he likes when I don't care for it the next time.
  • They feel obliged to do something for you since you did something for them? Maybe they just REALLY need company & you're the last resort? Maybe they're headed somewhere, where they NEED you to be there? That's all I can think of :)

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