• replace the swithch on the back of the brake pedal, thats what it sounds like too me
  • i had the same problem on my 95 chevy 2500. i tore into it last night and there is a connector under column with 6 wires on one side and 4 on the other. this connector is from the brake light switch the white wire is for the brake lights. it splits into 4 white wires. and one is for cab brake light. one is for cruise control. one goes to brake relay in fuse box under hood. and one goes to the rear of truck in frame with light wires. but it is not used. the wire coming out of the relay in the fuse box under hood is blue and it comes back inside the truck. i believe it goes to the turn signal switch. i pulled all this apart to check everything and my lights started working. so i am not sure what actually fixed the problems so i will keep you up to date if they stop working again. but to do an easy check. take the one 10mm head bolt out of fuse box under hood and check the blue wire under it which comes out of relay. you can get to it from where the wires go into relay box. check for power with the brakes applied. if you have power to this wire, your brake light and relay are ok. if not i would check relay and fuses and switch. if you do have power i would check the light blue wire at the large connector with a screw holding it to gether under the steering column to check for power to the turn signal switch. hopefully i helped everyone out. thanks

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