• Why would you want to be with someone who would ALLOW some other girl to influence him to leave the girl his is currently WITH? How will you feel when the next little girl comes along and does the same exact thing TO YOU? When we seek to cause harm to others, generally it comes back around to bite us right on the butt in the worst possible way...we hurt others...and we in turn GET HURT...THAT'S Karma, that's punishment. As for your might want to reconsider how you express yourself publicly. You may feel it is cute and acceptable within your peer group, but I can promise the REAL makes you appear to be someone who is not worth listening to, someone so lazy she cannot be bothered to learn to speak or spell in an intelligent manner. My personal thought is that while you are obviously a YOUNG person, that doesn't mean that you are stupid, or that you don't have feelings that matter, or that you don't have some great ideas and insights to share. I think you do and that you have potential to become a young WOMAN of power, who is bold enough an INTELLIGENT ENOUGH to have something to say...but only if YOU are willing to take a hold of yourself, your use of language, your ability to effectively communicate your ideas, feelings and goals. YOU have to power to do this... And as you do, you will open the door to meeting young men who DESERVE a kind spirited young lady who is not only an attractive person, but an intelligent and powerful force to be paid attention to!
  • Don't break them up, but don't hide your feelings. Maybe you should tell a trusted friend and wait it out. Whatever you do don't be that girl. Not only will his girlfriend be mad at you, but your best friend might change his mind about him.
  • If he really likes you, he'll break up with the other girl of his own accord. For now, it may be best to keep quiet. If you say anything, and he's not interested, then it could get really awkward.
  • well, I would talk to him about it (IT WONT RUIN YOUR FRIENDSHIP) but if he doesnt feel that way then just go on with your life
  • Wait until the timing is right. you do not want to loose both your friends. the next time they have a quarrel (and they will), make your feelings known in a suttle way. no dramatics here. in advance, write a letter expressing your feelings, and have it ready to go. next quarrel, play your ace in the hole.......your letter. Sometimes, you have to fight for what you believe is right. just wait your turn. Love may not come your way ever again. true love.
  • Could it be that at the moment you're single and your best friend is looking particularly attractive? Were you in love with him before he got a girlfriend? If not, it could be that you're suddenly realising that another female is treading on your turf and you're starting to wonder what it is about this best friend of yours that makes him worth being a boyfriend... It's difficult but can you try seeing other guys? I do feel for you. It's an awful situation. Don't be the one who breaks the relationship up. Whilst he may end up with you, that'll be something that's on his mind - that you ended his former relationship. All relationships run their course so unless he's considering proposing to this girl (and you being his best friend would know that if it were the case), just let it go and eventually it'll end and you'll maybe be in a position to act on those feelings. Also, you're saying you think he likes you as well? Then if that's the case he owes it to his girlfriend to be honest with her and end things. Think of it this way, friends don't always make good boyfriends. When things change they become a different person and you might not like how he behaves or even how you behave - also, do you want to lose a friendship that clearly holds alot of meaning for you? If he ends his relationship, let it be something that he chooses, don't choose for him. And do you honestly want to be with someone who's had feelings for someone else? How different would he be with you? It's almost like wanting to be with someone who'se a cheat - it might not be traditional, physical (eg, kissing etc) type cheating but it's emotional cheating - he's cheating his girlfriend by having feelings for you (if you're actually reading him correctly, that is) and he's cheating you by keeping you interested whilst being with someone else. Anyway, I've said far too much as usual. Good luck.
  • Don't mess with it, there relationship won't last forever, just wait till it ends, then jump in.
  • It wouldn't be fair to the girl. I realize that you care about this person but would you like it if some other girl comes along and does the same to you? Good Luck!:)
  • Looks like someone cleaned up their question! Points up for a well articulated and written question...and I hope by now...April...things have cleared up in your heart and you've met someone NOT INVOLVED with someone else, who DOES appreciate the intelligent and attractive young lady you ARE!
  • Would you still respect yourself if you broke up the relationship? Just let things move along naturally- be his friend. If his relationship is not to be, then it naturally will end. If it is to be, then you will have to accept it.
  • Go for the man. Nothing can stop you! break it up! if your hot no worries!
  • Thats how i feel about my bestfriend Jordan, i never found him attracting but he always has been crazy over me. so now he has matured alot, i mean he is hot! And i feel bad for flirting back torwards him when he flirts with me because he has a girlfriend ='..[ i think that you should explain to him how you feel and he might feel the same but make sure he knows you dont want to mess up his relationship with his girlfriend.
  • That's sad. Anyway, I don't think you'll be able to break their relationship.
  • You should have let him know along time ago. Would you like karma to come back on you. Its not always nice to hurt others. You should have never held back your feelings. Let it go if your a true friend you will let him be happy and not a relationship wrecker. Believe me I know it hurts that you lost your chance. You may not like the him when you are serious. Men act different when they are serious with a girl. As opposed to being your friend. What looks good is not always perfect. He may not like who you are if you are more serious with him. He may not trust you as much if you broke up his former relationship. Doing that is just crude and not right. Try looking for someone else. Like I said if you do that. Depend on karma being a bitch.
  • well sweetie i would tell him how u feel be honest with him tell him u know i know u have a g/f and all and we have been friends for a long time and i want u to know i like u more then a friend and i want us to be more then just friends who talk . and see what he says dont hide ur feeligs forever it will only hurt u more
  • nope.nope.don't break up their relationship.tell your best friend your true feelings and ask him why you think he has feelings for you too.i think once you are done with it you will feel good.
  • I don't think you should intentionally break up the relationship, that wouldn't be very nice and remember karma's a bit*h. I do think that you can let him know how you feel and go from there. If he decides to continue his relationship then you should respect his decision and back off. On the other hand, he may decide to break off his current relationship and pursue something with you. Just let him make that decision, don't come between them.
  • if you keep hiding your feelings you will probably end up breaking up thier relationship without even recongnizing your actions. its best to be open about things. because if you wait he might build feelings with his new gf that are stronger than the ones he has for you. and you will be stuck
  • Well what goes around comes around. I wouldn't break up their relationship. If it is meant to be then it will happen.
  • I would tell him how you feel, but don't try to get him to cheat on his girlfriend with you. It's not fair to her, and you wouldn't want someone that cheated, anyway. You would always be suspicious of him. If he does break up with his girlfriend for you, this is not a good way to start out a relationship.
  • If he is your friend and he is happy with someone else, why would you want to cause him unhappiness? If he was attracted to you maybe he would have made the moves on you by now. You did say you all were friends for crying out loud. :-) If it's meant to be for you and this friend, it will eventually be.
  • I think if you care about your friend then you should have respect for his relationship.
  • Well no u shouldn't but i'm in the same exact situation and i was wondering what to do, we've been friends for 6 years him and i and the way i've done it was i told him how i felt, he never said anything about it but he did let me know that he does know how i feel, he says that right now that's just who he wants to be with and its not that he doesn't like me its just that i've been a great friend to him all these years and he just does not want to mess our friendship up. So tell him but don't try to break them up and if its meant to be then you'll know.
  • oh dear - thats a tough situation to be in. He has chosen his girlfriend and you should respect that. I don't think that you should split them up because you would probably lose him as a friend. Does he have any idea how you feel?
  • Well, I don't know if you're still in this situation, but if you are or if anyone is reading this question who is in a similar situation.. consider this. If you are in a relationship, do you REALLY want other people expressing an interest in you? I know I wouldn't. It would make me feel as if the person had no respect for my relationship. My advice is to just be his friend and don't act out on it until their relationship is over and he makes it clear that he's over her.

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