• if it was only a kiss.. and it just happened once, i wouldnt tell your boyfriend. if you slept with someone or fooled around with someone, i would tell you to tell him but if it was just for a picture and you will never do it again, i say you can just sweep this one under the rug! especally if it wasnt serious at the time. when relationships are young.. things like this are more acceptable. if you marry this guy, in 40 yrs, after all is said and done, youre gonna see that that one stupid kiss is the least of your problems in life. i wish you the best!
  • i wouldnt tell
  • it's good that you feel bad because it shows that you've got a conscience and that you care for your boyfriend. It doesn't matter if you're serious or not serious though, a relationship is a relationship and you've got to honor that if you want people to respect you. I say, the past is the past and telling about it would only cause trouble in your relationship.. if you really want to test the strength of your relationship then by all means, do tell him.. seeing his reaction would either break it or make your relationship stronger. in my opinion however, certain things should not be told especially things like these. if you swear that you'll never do this again, then there's no point in telling because you've learned your lesson. if it's forgiveness is what you want from him then it's a different story. my boyfriend cheated on me a while back ago and i wished i never learned of it.. it really makes you wake up and realize that life is cruel and to stop being so naive.. ignorance is bliss to me i suppose. after i learned about it i was devastated and our relationship has been with mistrust for the longest time. however, if i hadn't known then our relationship probably wouldn't be as strong as it is right now. it's really up to you to decide. certain people confess in order to relinquish the guilt that they have and to stop feeling so terrible about it.. this shouldn't be the reason to tell your significant other. it's selfish because once you tell them, you might feel a whole lot better like a burden is off your chest but what about the other person? they'll be devastated and it will alter how they look at you and people in general. you should tell only if you seek their forgiveness... because when you confess you should be considering the other person's feelings and not just your own.
  • There's no reason to tell him about it. Forget and move on.

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