• No one will like you. No one will hire you. No one will trust you. (because of your self serving interests) Eventually no one will talk to you. And your family may be the only ones to love you. (because their stuck with you). Get over yourself - there are more important things in life to love other than yourself.
  • If you happen to like who you've become and what your life will be like, who am I to stand in your way. The thing is that if you despise your friends for some reason, you will know exactly how they feel about your arrogant ways.
  • This is a great question. My husband is all of these things and it seems to work for him. Even though it aggravates me at times I can't complain because it has made him successful in his career.
  • The worst that can happen? . There are many people around you that define their goodness by suffering indignities, by being the victim. There are still more people who view pride as the worst of social sins, beneath duplicity and dishonesty. . These people will sabotage you as a way of doing 'good', of promoting 'social justice'. . Unless you are as good as you think and better, they will find a way. .
  • I guess if you got too full of yourself you could explode? Besides, why waste your time-you don't look like such hot stuff to me?
  • Probably the worst thing that could happen is that you'll meet someone who will love you for who you really are.
  • Do you really want to know.They say that the truth hurts so pace yourself.Okay here is the thing if you are really like who you say you are which is arrogant then sadly you will screw with the wrong person who is not going to put up with your attitude of arrogance and that person will stir up the guts and make you feel like shit by telling you how self centered and inconsiderate you really are and that the world does not entirely revolve around you and only you.So get with it.The important thing to remember is that there is nothing wrong with just loving yourself and taking pride in who you are but being arrogant is a totally different situation that could potentially become a problem and cause you to even lose your friends and the people who care about you.So be careful.A word to the wise is sufficient.i hope this helps.
  • The worst that could happen? You are completely unaware how annoying you are. You will not understand why people ignore and avoid you. Your friends laugh about you behind your back. You do not get invited along with other people in your social circle. Eventually, the only friends you have left are the superficial ones you made last week, but only until they get fed up with you. People do not take time to get to know you, rather they talk to you for 5 minutes then talk to someone else for the remainder of the evening. You end up lonely/ alcoholic/ crack head/ career junkie. (pick one or two). In short, everyone wants to fck you, it's the sad insecure guy that'll marry you. EDIT- Thanks for the feedback. I'm not saying you're any of these things, just that these are the worst things that can happen, after all, the question was 'what's the worst that can happen'. I would hope you're not that nauseating in the flesh, I just find humility a very attractive quality.
  • Hmmm. You have that streak in you but only superficially. I wouldn't be as good friends with you if you were truly that way.
  • Who cares?
  • Self centered to the extreme. :)
  • Well. I think the ultimate consequence is that if you love yourself more than other people you're going to be alone for the rest of your life. "being in love" means choosing the best thing for the other person. If you're always choosing you I really doubt you'll be in a lasting relationship. At some point you are going to have to choose between loving you and loving other people. Good luck my friend.
  • Hopefully you don't suffocate with your head up your own ass. :)
  • You will end up with everyone hating you and may end up in an institution. You sound like a drunk or addict or both, if you act like that you might as well be one, cause you would act like one.
  • You might have a bad case of flatulence.
  • How bad is it? Not. . What is the worst that could come from it? That you might only have friends like me, who are also kinda full of themselves and think you are smokin' hot and deserve to be that way! Mwah!
  • Being arrogant is a sign of compensation. I'm guessing something happened to you in your past relating to self worth that you couldn't cope with.
  • It's very bad. You sound like my 24 year old step-son, and let me tell you, his head could not be any further up his ass. He is arrogant, rude and constantly talks down to people, in some lame attempt to make them appear stupid. I went to school with a guy like that, and we all knew that one day he would cross the wrong person. When he was in his early 30's, he did. At a bar across the border, he was drunk and being his usual charming self. He insulted a guy who was also drinking at the bar, and the guy ended up killing him. He died of head injuries in the hospital a few days afterward. Not one person that I know was surprised by it either. I have warned my step-son repeatedly about his attitude, but he continues his merry way, nicknaming himself 'Slick'. He has already been warned a few times by his employer about his attitude, and for insulting his co-workers, but laughs it off. He will probably be fired by the company in the near future, as he has learned nothing from their warnings and continues to verbally attack his co-workers and his customers with his rude, arrogant and often hurtful remarks. Because he is over 6 feet tall, and good looking, he thinks he can get away with it all.
  • You won't ever be able to take criticism? And when anyone says anything bad about you, you'll go a bit mental because you just can't believe it? I don't think it's healthy to be so self obsessed. I've got the British negative thing going on anyway, so I don't understand that type of attitude, but whatever.
  • Relationships will be problematic.
  • This philosophy seems to be working for me.
  • if that's who you are i think you should accept yourself. I like it and think there's nothing wrong. Actually I find it sexy:-)

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