• I dont even pretend to understand the condition of things for Black people back then... It must have been mixed blessing and horrible at the same time. I probably would have been the first one to go ahead and go against the grain... The first one to stand up and get into trouble and the first one to run my mouth. But personally. I prefer Dr. King. Malcom X seemed sad, angry and disenchanted to me. Dr. king was more the embodiment of hope.
  • I'm a Caucasian who lived in the 1960's and I supported Dr. King and Malcolm X. I was also supportive of some civil rights/"black power" (the term back then) organizations that were more militant than his SCLC, such as the SNCC, RAM, and the Black Panthers. I became more supportive of Dr. King when he started opposing the Vietnam War.
  • Martin Luther King and Malcolm X where both fighting the fight in their own ways.. So they both had different views completely. However both are equally great, and the world needed them both at the same time in history to fight for the rights of African Americans and in turn the freedom of many other people. However i think it's time that we had another great activist who will stand up and say no more!! no more to war!! no more to racism!! no more to poverty!! We the people don't have a say.... We need these great men today!!
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Back in the 1960's I really liked Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I especially liked his "I Have A Dream" vision. In my opinion, he was a great man. I admire and respect him.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Dr. Martin Luther Kind. Malcom X seemed to have too much voilence behind his ideas and the thought of keeping races a bit seperate (from what I understand he wasn't crazy about whites). I may have joined Malcom X after his major change, but other than that, Dr. King would be the one I'd follow.
  • Well it's hard to say what I WOULD have done. I would hope that I would have been a follower of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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