• Well it's 3 floors. A basement, main floor, and second floor. I believe there is an attic, but I haven't discovered it yet. My house is made of whitish-beige coloured bricks. Inside is very clean, because of my mom. She's a neatfreak. :D And the outside is also very pretty. We have ivy growing all on our house. It;s gotten pretty big, but I hope one day it covers the whoe house and it'll look really pretty and green in the summertime. The only problem is when the ivy covers the windows, then you have to cut it off. Our garden is full of flowers, my dad loves gardening and makes me help him. :D We have two pear trees, 2 plum trees, 2 apple trees, and a cherry tree.
  • A house. It's homey. And I have a Christmas tree in it! Now you don't see that every day. :]
  • 2 floors. Its green. The top floor has my room, guest room, bathroom, my study room, and my parents' room. The first floor has the famous DEN with the computer, the living room, the dining room, a bathroom and a kitchen. It's pretty big. But it doesn't have a basement which I would like.
  • A Bungalow.
  • Quite small and yet very cutee :DD
  • I have a three bedroom brick home but I am wanting more yard so may be moving soon.
  • A ranch with 3 bedrooms.
  • I also live in a 3 bedroom ranch with brick facade.
  • I live an an apartment but I spent around $8,000 on Ebay, to decorate it.
  • I like in a 2 bedroom-1bath apartment. It's quite nice...all my furniture and such is basically brand new. The only thing I don't like are the carpets. They are grey and really don't match with the blue-tan-chocolate brown theme I have going...but alas, I am renting, so I'm not about to replace the carpets.
  • This is a shot from when it was still under construction. Bad picture, but all the recent ones are with an architect at the moment. About 5,000 sq. feet, it's on 5 acres of land, and the deck (not pictured) spans the entire back of the house (but not the garage which is off to the right).
  • Stone ranch, 3 bedrooms, ramp on front and nice deck ont he back. Large back yard, Two big trees in front, 1 in back, 3 large evergreens on side. Hostas garden under big tree in back. (Most hostases were cuttings from my grandmother's hostas bed in front of her house before she died last year.) (Here's the large tree in back, the deck and the hostas garden at hour house.)
  • It's a log home out in the woods with a large beaver pond out front, state woods right next door. Here are some photos of the house in different seasons and stages of completeness as we were building it.
  • My house is a 'semi-detached' house, which has a neighbour's house built next to it, with a 'walled' section, in between them.
  • I live in a two bed flat, I have book shelves that cover most of the wall, a piano in front of that, guitars on the wall a sofa an armchair an a TV. Two double bedrooms a bathroom and a kitchen
  • It's a white split level.
  • 1 story with grey siding.

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