• Your manufactureer (Sony/Ericson) should have that code available
  • if yr phone iz locked then the manufacturer code is 0000 unless u changed it.
  • If you have the carrier it is locked to, the IMEI and the country i t is locked in i know of certain programs that calculate these for you
  • If you need your phone unlocked for any sim, do not go to your sim provider, you can unlock your phone in 3 simple steps, if you go to your provider, they will, on average, charge £20-30 a go, you can find sites on the web that help you through the process, and best of all, it is free, save money. Google will find many programs that will do this for you. Hope you all find this info helpful, and dont blow your money on the rip-offs.
  • how can i get a free unlocking code for a sony ericsson z500 mobil phone
  • put your new carrier sim card in and turn phone on when screen comes up press < * * < (left arrow key, star, star, left arrow key, enter on the word network (network NCK:should appear)enter code 7419250580956705 and say ok, it should take you back to the word network with an open lock beside it at that point the phone has been successfully unlocked for any other provider. If you have your new providers sim card in it, it should go to the welcome screen and be able to be used at that point. You might have to take it to your provider to have them make any other settings necessary to work on their network. These are the instructions given to me by Cingular/att after I gave them the IMEI code from my phone.
  • How can I get a free unlocking code for a Sony Ericson T303 mobile phone?
  • anyone have the unlocking code for sony ericsson w580i
  • hi i need to unlock my w610i if from nicaraguan network how can i do it, i try the one you have on this page but it says error
  • i need to unlock my sony ericsson phone; the imei 357198004765740
  • i need to find nck code ??? can any one help me for sony ericsson k790a rogers imei is 35220801-224768-3-25 thanks
  • w350 sony ericson unlock code
  • sony ericson w350 unlock code
  • i need to find nck code ??? can any one help me for sony ericsson c902 imei is 35714902-492290-2 thanks
  • can anyone give me the NCK: code for a song ericsson k770i please
  • anyone know the unlocking code for W910i or w905 :)
  • I came on to this site to try & find a way of unlocking my sony ericsson mobile & was just starting to follow happy girls instructions. My phone was locked to 02 network. I put my new network sim card in & hey presto, it changed. no need to do anything else. My advice is always just try your new network card before paying for or trying free unlock instructions.
  • I have the same problem, but with Sony Ericsson W950i. If anyone is willing to offer me a previlege to use this phone which I got as a gift, kindly send me the phone code as the imei is 35286301-164957-6. If I can't get this answer on this chat please send it to and I will be grateful and thankful to whosoever has helped me unlocking my phone.
  • sony ericsson W390a IMEI is 35438902-089928-1?Can anyone send me the unlock code plz,its urgent i need my phone-email me at
  • can anyone help me out with the code for sony ericsson t303. thank you.
  • can some one help me needing a nck code asap for a k800i imei 35908701-310348-0-25 on orange thank you :)

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