• boredom, they are tired of taking orders from teachers/principals (if only they knew that was just the beginning of taking orders from people), don't want to study anymore. Some do it because they have to work and have no choice. for the most part it's because they are sick of school and the HW, orders, etc
  • I was ready to be on my own, I joined the military.
  • LOL, that's easy ....they think that they are smarter than everyone else and don't need no mo edukation !! :-)
  • There is no single reason why students drop out of high school. Respondents report different reasons: a lack of connection to the school environment; a perception that school is boring; feeling unmotivated; academic challenges; and the weight of real world events. Taken from:
  • Personally my bed warm and I wasn't keen for a mile trek to the bus at half seven in the morning in the rain and wind. So they decided to let me go before exams so I didn't ruin there school score.
  • Because it is boring, a drag, a hassle, getting pregnant, getting someone pregnant, smoking weed is better....the list goes on.
  • They hate never feeling good enough.
  • Because you don't need no schoolin' to be in the NBA or a, I mean rapper.
  • many reasons, some are the victim of organized bullying some can't wait to get out and start making money some feel school is a waste of their time, some just wanna have fun and not do school work etc

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