• i have noticed there are a lot of idiots who dont know anything about the breed trying to look like a video star with them
  • Lots of thugs, gangsters and drug dealers wanting something that looks meaner than every other thugs, gangsters and drug dealer's Rottweiler and Doberman.
  • image. any cheap bad a** wanting to look tough wants to own one of these dogs. i think the attraction is the vicious reputation and the muscular build. these powerful animals are like a loaded gun if placed in the wrong hands! we've owned three very friendly pitbulls, they've never harmed anyone, not even tried to. peace.
  • maybe people have finally realised these dogs are not the monsters they are made out to be.
  • They are percieved as being very mean and even deadly. Some people like the idea of having a dog that terrifies people. And of course the Michael Vick's of the world breed them (and kill them) for the purpose of betting in dog fights. It's not the dog that is mean, its in the breeding and training.
  • People who are insecure and need their egos boosted think that owning a pit bull will make others think that they are tougher than they really are. - It's a strange kind of status symbol--sort of makes a fraidy cat into a Mike Tyson.
  • maybe people are using them for protection

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