• Vodka yo...
  • I whine.
  • dont think about it. do something to entertain yourself.
  • drink lots of liquids, rest and keep plenty of tissue on hand.
  • Homemade chicken noodle soup with the juice of a lemon in it..bowl after bowl after bowl! Mmmm good! :) Happy Tuesday! :)
  • Oranges :)
  • Large doses of vitamin "C."
  • Take Bee Propolis in the early stages, if you catch it in time it stops a cold in its tracks!
  • I eat crushed raw garlic on buttered toast (up to six cloves the first day and 3 cloves every day thereafter). The garlic wipes the cold from your system in no time! Nyquil and nasal spray also helps you to sleep at night when you are all stuffed up!
  • i always have a can of sprite or 7-up, take plenty of vitamin c, day and nigh-quil, and sinuclense (works wonders on your stuffy nose and soar throat due to drainage)
  • sleep, eat soup, and drink 7up
  • Boiled onions and lemon,...then use the juice to make a cocktail with Jack Daniels.
  • Get some exercise. It refreshes you and takes your mind off how rotten you feel. I also use nasal sprays and drink lots of fluid to avoid becoming bunged up, for me that's the worst part of a cold. A few people have said they drink 7Up or Sprite - is there a reason for this?
  • Sleep and a hot bath.
  • I would take a warm shower, swallow some vitamin c tablets, two tablets of panadol and one tablet of actifed (if I have a running nose) and tug in for an early night. I would feel much better the next day.
  • I find comfort in chicken broth with chunks of garlic.
  • I use Mucinex OTC. Relieves congestion and helps prevent the progression into pneumonia.
  • hot tea, ice packs on my face, and lot and lots of rest.
  • I make my home made chicken noodle soup! Here's what you do: Boil a package of chicken breasts - 2 good sized breats, preferably with the bone in them. Salt and pepper the broth as it's cooking, and when the chicken is fully cooked, take it up into a bowl. You'll want to strain the broth if you used chicken with the bone in to remove any small slivers of bone. Put the broth back in the pan, and add 2-3 large carrots, 2 stalks of celery, 1 medium onion, and 2-3 cloves of garlic. You can also add basil and thyme, if you have any (fresh is the best). As it's returning to a boil, pull the chicken off the bone and dice it. Add the chicken back into the pot and boil until the vegetables are tender. Add about 1/2 a small bag of egg noodles, and when they are done, it's ready to serve. Serving suggestion: I like to add a splash of heavy cream to my bowl of soup. It also goes well with cheese sandwiches, saltine crackers, or cornbread. The reason I prefer chicken with the bone in is that it adds nutritional value the chicken breasts alone don't. It can help with arthritis (both prevention and relief), raises the iron content (helping produce the bloodcells to fight the cold), and has several other health benefits. Hope this helps :)
  • all of the above, plus gatorade (the salt takes the ouch out of a sore throat) peace.
  • The best thing is prevention. I feel one coming I take Hall's the regular clear one, works for me, lots of Hall's.
  • Sorry that you're not feeling so good, this is what works for me. Ten shots of Jose Cuervo with sliced lemon and salt. The tequila will help you sleep, lemon for vitamine C, salt will help your throat. Next day ....lots of Chicken noodle soup with a little bit of tomato juice. You'll be back on your feet and looking great in no time.
  • well to be honest, I've never had a cold that made me feel better... Ricola is nice...whether it helps or not it tastes good

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