• Yes. I was a bit surprised but I reacted favorably and it all went well.
  • I was walking through a crowded bar and some butt hole grabbed my fanny...I grabbed his hand before he could get it away, turned and slapped him across the face and demeaned him in front of all his buddies and surrounding people...he was lucky...his "boys" could have been still crying today(8 years later) if I had done what I was first going to do back to him....
  • Yes when I was younger and I have then arrested and sent to jail. I felt violated.
  • Yes. Twice The 1st time I was 9 years old and some old guy tryed to take me away and he was feeling my rear... When I managed to run, I hugged mum and cryed out of shock and fear 2nd time... Younger guy, maybe 2 years older then me. Called rape. Felt scared again and dirty/disgusted.
  • yes i was sexually abused from the age of seven to the age of thirteen, i eventually told my mum and it stopped.:)
  • Yes. I was raped. I reacted by losing my mind for quite a long time.
  • Yes, someone in a crowded elevator was fondling my butt. I thought it was creative ... Once a manager type at work grabbed me and it turned out to be a crotch grab. I was outraged and mad and this happened in 1979 ... I'm still mad and the guy who did it is taking a dirt nap... In 1979, it wasn't yet "advisable" to go to HR and make a sexual harassment claim against management. I was advised to stay quiet about it and I regret doing so ever since. I should have reported him even if it meant losing my job.
  • this friend of mine who had recently come out of the closet felt my chest as I left. I couldn't tell if he was just screwing with me, or it was out of desire.
  • I gave them a horrified look and said "what the fuck?" and ran away.
  • Yes a few times since developing large breasts at the age of 11. It was horrible and made me feel like hiding and an almost complete loss of self-esteem for many years.
  • Like Galeanda, I developed large breasts at an early age. It took me a while to feel confident enough to make it clear that they are not public domain. Once I did, my knee pretty much took care of anyone who touched me. It didn't take long for certain young men to understand that they are to go out of their way not to touch me, even 'accidentally'.
  • Someone grabbed my butt in public once, and though I turned around real fast, it being such a busy street I never picked up who it was.
  • hello, no not really,ive had someone try to molest me as a young adult,he picked me up and i started screaming,then he got annoyed and put me down,i ran like my butt was on fire!
  • Boys sometimes to that to each other. I have had several do that to me. When I was a young teen I would tell them not to do this. I never did it!!!!! Horrified me!!! As a late teen in college I flipped a guy on the floor twice before he quit trying. He gave me hell because my watch band scratched his neck. LOL Dumb S---. He was very lucky he did it in the dorm instead of on the street. I would have beat the h--- out of him if it had not been on college property. (you could get kicked out for fighting)
  • I slapped his face. He got the message.
  • Yeah. If it's somebody I know. And it's done in a joking way, I've just told them to fuck off and not do it again. I do remember this guy once, though. That just randomly started groping me and it was horrible. I felt really threatened. So I kicked him :)
  • Yeah my global studies teacher tried to get with me nd started feeling on me he was cute he was young for a tecaher like 24 or so i was 13 though anywho me nd my freind joined forces and got him fired
  • Yes i was at a club dancing with this kid at first it was fine he wasn't too close then all of sudden he grab my crotch i turned around and punched him in the face, he actually had the nerve to say to me wtf you doing i said are you serious i said your mother didn't teach you no manners.

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