• I figured he would do it when he left the Steelers. Cleveland needs a new coach -- when a team has that many different quarterbacks in so few years and stinks with every one of them; you've got to blame the coach.
  • * I know you don't like the Steelers Tj, but Bill COWHER has a pretty darn impressive record. Cleveland Clowns Coaches don't last that long!
  • I would see him trying to take down the Steelers if he does get that position. We'd be S.O.L. because in my opinion he was a great coach...even with his anger issues. (and I'm not even a football fan and I know this!!!)
  • Trust won't matter!!!
  • I have heard this rumor before. But relax. Crennel is a good coach. Cleveland has a bright future, they are just a year away. I have been saying that. Quinn will ultimately be the QB and Anderson will be traded for defensive help. Cleveland has a chance if they are patient and trust Romeo.
  • He will never go to the Brownies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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