• The first time you walk into a wall without them you will know. mr Bill
  • You can do eye exercises to improve your vision and prevent further decline. It works, I've done it. Went from wearing full time contact to wearing glasses for driving at night. Considering that's what got me started in the first place and that I went from 20/100 to 20/40 which is legal in PA to drive with 20/40 - I'd say the technique worked. It's the Bates method. As far as when to make the switch - if you have to squint to see stuff that you usually could see, then I would put them on. I wouldn't wear them anymore than necessary though, to prevent further decline. As once you start wearing them full time your eyes become accustom to them and you just need stronger and stronger perscription.
  • oops, my reply to comment posted as answer instead of comment. How to delete?

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