• its good to be different
  • It exists, we cannot deny it, and fighting it is a fruitless endeavor. We will encounter it more and more as globalization spreads, too. Change is inevitable. Struggle is optional.
  • Diversity is good, making diversity your god is bad. I'm sorry but our world has gotten just a little too PC if you ask me.
  • Diversity strengthens the culture that embraces it. A monoculture is weak in its stability and is usually held together through coercion, intimidation and force. A society that includes many from different backgrounds, hold different beliefs and views things differently is strong and resilient. This is analogous to a society being a structure and the various peoples and cultures that comprise it as its supports. You can weaken or remove one or more and you still have plenty of support to lift the structure up. If you disallow diversity and enforce strict adherence to only narrowly defined acceptability, you have no room for error to maintain status quo. Human beings are fraught with error and bereft of perfection, so this type of society has ALWAYS failed. It is never sustainable for very long. Also, monoculture, by its very premise, is fixed and therefor stagnant. It cannot change, nor would it seek to. Yet, again, human beings are rarely so stoic in their beliefs from person to person or from generation to generation. This is also why a non-inclusive society does not survive. No two people are exactly the same, so when you try to conform the masses to a particular way of living or attempt to standardize their beliefs for them, you weaken the entirety of that culture because most of the energy expended is trying to ensure that no one strays from the narrowly conceived concept of correctness. Through diversity, challenges are met and overcome, thinking and education are advanced and society progresses. Change is the only thing that is constant in life. Without diversity, changes cannot be met and incorporated and the society or culture is overcome, itself, and dies.
  • As a rule of law- it stinks! As a personal practice- it is admirable. As a fact of life- it is unavoidable. As a species- it is necessary. In music- it is a blessing!
  • Without it life, people, music, foods, cultures, religions, and living would be very dull and boring I think. We'd all be like robots or clones.
  • Diversity does not require me to feel any particular way about it. It exists regardless of my feelings.
  • diversity is healthy, it breeds invention, it breeds stimulation, new views on life, new approaches to living, different customs, different art forms, DIFFERENT FOODS! (yum) there's nothing wrong with diversity, and in fact we should embrace it more. too much do we try to pretend like there are no differences with people because we're afraid of hurting feelings, or offending someone. I'm not saying we should classify our differences in a ranking system, no one group is superior to another, but we shouldn't be afraid to acknowledge that the two groups are, in fact, different
  • A species undiversified cannot survive. I'm for it.
  • I feel like I am 'supposed' to say; Oh boy, oh boy, if only we can be diverse, we won't need any other virtues or strengths. Diversity is EVERYTHING!!!! Yippee dooo! That's how I 'feel'. Like the thought police is saying "you're view on diversity had better be homogenous and fit in with the popular view."
  • It's essential for the way we live.
  • From a radio interviewee on San Andreas: "It makes me very nervous." From me: 'I like it!'
  • Its overrated.
  • I celebrate diversity but not at the expense of unity.
  • I dont feel good about the way diversity is used in public discussion because it has come to stand for so many divisive blind allies like phoney tokenism, phoney history, and phoney interest-grouping. I think that true, literal, diversity is morally/ethically neutral. It's a fact. <:warning: quaker/buddhist rant coming!:> Human rights are universal and we all are obligated to them by the care we received from others since birth.
  • I have many diverse opinions about it...;-D... . . .
  • It's the spice of life! It's what makes people different and interesting! More diversity usually means different perspectives and more angles from which to approach and solve a problem. It's also what makes mixed breed animals healthier and stronger than pure breeds It alleviates inbreeding.
  • The more diversity the healthier the community. It's more difficult to hold prejudice when you know personally the people in your community that are different in heritage, ethnicity and socio-economic background. Wish my local community was more diverse. Problem is there is institutional prejudice that makes it harder for minorities to succeed.
  • it dont bother me
  • Within reasonable mits
  • Wonderful...
  • Its great unless its forced upon us for future votes or a hidden global agenda of control.
  • I am all for diversity. I love learning of different cultures. Every culture should be respected. That is each ethnic group, national cultures and subcultures in all nations. Please note I am excluding politics.
  • Cultural Diversity Among JW’s That these principles really work is seen in the remarkable unity of Jehovah’s Witnesses, who are active in 240 lands of the earth. We are people who come from “all nations and tribes and peoples and tongues” and who are determined to conform to Jehovah’s loving guidance in all things.—Revelation 7:9; 1 Corinthians 10:31-33. ** Individual Witnesses do not disdain the culture of others. Neither do those who become Witnesses reject the culture in which they were reared, unless it disagrees with the principles in the Bible. In such cases they make changes in their lives. They recognize that in every culture there are praiseworthy features and that these are even enhanced in people who adopt true worship. ** They strive to view our planet as God must see it—bright and blue and beautiful—spinning through space. It is a planet with a marvelous variety of peoples and cultures. Jehovah’s Witnesses look forward to the time when all on earth will enjoy life as a truly united family.
  • Diversity is necessary for success as we live in a global world now. Miss it out and you won't last long.
  • A zoo?
  • it dont bother me
  • It is inevitable whether you like it or not. Most of time I hear diversity deparaged it is by people who assume their race should rightfully rule the world and/or all races should be subserviant to their race. That's absurd and the once omnipotent white race now must share the stage equally with other races. In general Democrats tend to go over board in supporting it and Republicans tend to disapprove of it and want it eliminated or ignored. It needs to be accepted but not worshipped.
    • Archie Bunker
      Accepted but not forced.
  • You mean like not just eating the red jellybeans? I should pick another flavor?
  • i think its good for people to be different
  • love it
  • Highly overrated, IMHO.
  • Diversity is good. How boring the world would be if everyone acted, looked the same and held the exact same viewpoints. Diversity is the spice of life. Everyone of us is unique with different races, faiths, politics, opinions etc.
  • I LIKE the fact that there is more than one kind of potato chip.
  • Sexual diversity is terrific
  • "Diversity" is a political oxymoron. On one hand, people are supposed to embrace diversity and be all-inclusive when it pertains to immorality, but with Black Lives Matter and so-called "White Supremacy", diversity is a tool of hate.
  • In diversity, people get to be themselves and that is natural. Anyone who does not agree with diversity are control freaks who expect others to be a certain way but in reality we are all different. Everyone has the right to be their own person. The world would be a boring place if we were all the same
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      So evil exists to make the world more interesting?
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      Unfortunately evil exists. It doesn’t make things more interesting. Evil people are corrupt and f*ck things up for others. If you think evil is interesting there would be something wrong with you in the head and immoral
  • I was raised in a diverse atmosphere.
  • I'm all for it.
  • Racist trolls are NOT a necessary evil.
    • Army Veteran
      But segregation is.
  • I'm all for it.
  • Diversity can be a good thing when it's kept within limits. Diversity is what defines America and its unique position in geopolitics. The inscription on the Statue of Liberty serves as a welcoming gesture to people of other lands. Other countries don't openly accept foreigners becoming citizens. There are limits, however, and these are included within our immigration laws (which are violated so often by the Left). But there's a moral aspect that needs to be considered, as well. When diversity divides a country, then it should not be allowed. This is what we're experiencing with the sexually-oriented and gender-confused maggots who force their beliefs onto society under the guise of "diversity".
  • I'm ok with it.
  • I'm for diversity, I think different cultures , religious should be celebrated.
  • my home town got that diverse they have gang wars there now.
  • Diversity, when it occurs naturally, allows ideas to be shared and encourage progress. Political diversity destroys that progress. It encourages racism, hate, greed, violence, etc.

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