• I think we are i the process of collapse right now, if anything else major goes belly up, that's it...
  • I sometimes do, yes.
  • The American dollar has weakened the worldwide, my currency is slipping in value, as it will in Europe as well.
  • It is looking that way, but I prefer to be optimstic and believe that we will survive this economic decline by learning to get by on what we can actually afford, instead of how much we can borrow.
  • No it won't.
  • I'm hoping not, because eventually the economy of the rest of the world will collapse as well. The USA is the major trading partner of almost all countries in the world. Whatever happens to the USA will surely have an effect on other countries (It's also the reason why non-Americans are interested in the US presidential race).
  • Is the Pope a Catholic?
  • The real question is when do you think it will recover?
  • The American economy has been built on debt. It owes an insane amount of money to other countris such as China, and the wars dont help. On top of that there are the bail out plans that are simply more government loans. Collapse in unavoidable, and when it happens it will be very painful and humble Americans, and in fact all of us, to our core. We may never recover from the coming terminal recession. A new economy may form out of the chaos, but that will take time
  • It is going to sag real bad for awhile...but not collapse...
  • Before the economy collapses, first the currency has to be destroyed. We are doing everything to destroy our currency right now. The end of an empire always comes after the destruction of the currency. The dollar is losing value, and the only thing the Federal Reserve can do about it is to print more and more money - this is inflation - an increase of the money supply - and that further weakens our dollars. Our entire economy is built on a rotten foundation of debt and credit. Our we to believe that this so called 'rescue plan' will do anything to prevent a recession? All it will do is prolong and deepen the recession when it finally arrives. I am really scared for America right now, and none of my friends blink an eye. I have prepared a bit, buying gold and silver, reducing spending, leaning about economics etc. So, yes, I do think the economy is going to collapse, and it scares me to no end.
  • I wish I could be optimistic but I can not. I absolutely agree with a previous post by MrBLT. There is not much more to add to it as he has said the same things I have been saying for weeks in this site boy am I glad someone else has done the same I have and believes in what I think will happen. Regarding the world economy, it will not collapse Hong Kong, Japan, South East Asia and Europe have taken the necessary steps to avoid even being in our actual situation. I sincerely don't believe they will also be in trouble.
  • i think it might crash becuz the government is being a little bit stuborn..... but if they act like team maybe this might work out!!!!!!!!!
  • Depends of the policy: Government will need to spend the same amount of money that was lost by the bubble explosion. It will close the economic hole. It is a kind of black hole that needs to be closed as quick as possible to avoid more damages and it is absorving money from all the ramifications of the economy. If they ignore the hole caused by the bubble damage, the economy will collapse. Close the black hole and create any kind of jobs to stimulate the spending, improve education and cut costs, regulate the economy to avoid new economic bubbles will avoid the collapse.
  • Yes do to the constant government intervention rewarding bad business practices.
  • 3-18-2017 Every use of unbacked paper money in history has led to a collapse within 40 years. the USA is now in the 46th year since Nixon abolished gold backing in 1971 and in the 9th year of a slow noisy collapse counting from the double top in S&P 500 in 2007. The intervening years have seen one sign of collapse after another, each papered over by the Federal Reserve creating more and more fake money. The biggest shipping company in the world has already refused to accept payment in US dollars or T-bills: there are just too many of them going around to be worth anything. Big banks used to publish insults about gold, but the last few years they have quietly been buying all the gold they can get. We are in a collapse, but nobody will admit it yet.
  • Haha what so many liberals secretly hope for and try to promote with their anti-business, anti-work, and anti-success rhetoric.
  • Hellz to the NO !

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