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  • Not all guys are, I'm not. I think perhaps it's attractive because guys don't have 'em.
  • Mostly I think it has to do with preference and most guys are stimulated by the site of girls with large breasts. It's a very common fetish for most guys to be attracted to large breasts. Society tends to notice things that are out of the norm like your double d's, which is not common for most women. Notice that it not only attracts attention from guys but notice how girls also look at your boobs, but they tend to be more discreet. Guys tend to be attracted by physical features whereas girls find attraction that are more directly influenced by their emotions at that moment. So in essence, guys and girls are different.
  • Here is how my sociology book breaks it down: since way back when men have been attracted to women who will keep the population up-so to speak. Even though modern men don't think of it this way, they are genetically engineered to think about finding their mate in terms of how well they can produce offspring. Women with large breasts signify a better source of food to new born babies and children. Women with big hips supposedly have a larger opening in their pelvis for the baby to pass through...therefore there is a greater survival chance of both mother and offspring.
  • Well just from asking around I have smaller boobs 34B and I've askd guys. Most of the ones I asked said they liked smaller boobs on the girl they are with but they like looking at big boobs I mean come on most guys do mainly because that's what you see in porn and models the big sometimes fake boobs that are perfect and perky. Usually guys would prefer thier girlfriends to have smaller boobs because guys wouldn't be staring as much that's what I think. Every guy is different though.
  • It is rather like oversize advertising hoardings - they catch your eye even if you find them not exactly what you want. Straight men are attracted to women - obviously. How do you tell if someone is a woman? Lots of ways, of course - clothes, skin, bone structure, voice... But all of those are a bit unreliable. Some men, and all children, have smooth skin and high voices, clothes are choice etc. But boobs are a pretty good guide: anybody who (pre modern pharmacy, at least) has boobs is a woman who is old enough to chase. And big boobs make that statement at extra volume. Like loud music which you cannot help listening to, even if it interrupts your concentration, big boobs you can't help looking at even if it interrupts, or makes you look down when you know you should be looking up.
  • This is the "adult" section of answerbag, so don't be afraid to post PICTURE ANSWERS. It would help illustrate your points and we would all apreciate it too!
  • I think the fact that they're attracted to "boobs" is a rather good thing. It shows that they appreciate the female form and that they notice it. This can be a good and a bad thing- dependent upon whether you like the attention or not, of course- and can usually become uncomfortable. At the same time, you may be wearing clothes that sort of "show off" your lovely lady lumps, lol, and that'd obviously explain the staring. On the other hand, I have a question to pose and it goes as follows: Where did the term "boobs" originate??
  • We guys just naturally look there your boobs are like magnets to our eyes besides we like to watch them bounce
  • Guys that were not breastfed or were not breastfed as long as they wanted/should have been have a tendancy to be breast crazy. Seriously.
  • its because our brains think u are fertile for makin babies.
  • its because our brains think u are fertile for makin babies.
  • weird isnt it? Well I guess that are worm and soft and hidden most of the time. Guys wan't things that are hard to get after all if you lived on a nude beach how long do you think it would be before you got used to it and quit looking?
  • It seems true with most men. My breasts are a size 38D (real by the way) and a lot of men seem to be attracted to me and my boobs. ;)
  • If my nose were 7 inches long, would you notice it right away? Just because people notice your boobs, you can't always assume they are attracted to you or want you or them.
  • guys like big breasts. they do not necessarily look for girls with big boobs in a partner, but sexually, they prefer bigger boobs
  • dont classify all us guys...I might glance but, when I speak to you I will look you in the eyes...its natural for man to at least look a woman over once...but, a gentleman doesnt stare.....
  • I have the same size. They are not fake, I don’t mind them. I can have them out when I want, and they are easy to put away when I don’t want to show them.
  • 2 things: 1. Big breasts are just beautiful, the way they bounce and jiggle. 2. DD-cup is not "really big". I'd say it's between average and big.
  • Because the first thing we think about is its usefulness during sex. its purely sexual reasons
  • who will not see to mountain of boobs.
  • I am a guy, and the answer is that guys all guys(I believe gay people do also, but lie to themselves) like the female anatomy. The attraction to the female, is so the males will want to mate with them. Confusing, I know. It is like with peacocks. Except the males are the ones that need to attract the females. The males have colorful tail feathers and it attracts the females. Without it, the females wouldn't have much incentive to mate. So, I guess girl's boobs are what they use to attract males so they will mate with them (maybe it was needed in the past). But it's just a theory.
  • My bf likes my boobs, 34 C, because they are big enough to play around with and small enough to cup in his hands. I think it's a matter of preference. But big boobs are... fun to look at.
  • To me a boob is a boob... (no disrespect intended) What matters is how you feel about them, and plus, he should like you for you (as in who you are inside), not your boobs.
  • Cuz they are more fun to play with :D
  • Not sure big boobs definley stand out more but it depends on the guy Me personally i like B cups the best
  • Actually the answers pertaining to sexuality are partially correct. Breasts are a secondary sexual characteristic indicative of a woman's fertility. Immature females don't have them, and they only develop when a woman develops into her fertility. (Well mostly). Thus boobs, are indicative not only that a woman is sexually receptive, but also an indication of her health. The bigger the boobs, the more fats and calories she's had in her diet during her development, thus giving a better chance of insuring her own ability to carry good kids to term. And humans are into exageration. The bigger boobs just might indicate that a woman is VERY receptive. Or at least on a subconcious level.
  • would you rather have a penis? enjoy the attention bitch
  • i am the same size and i ALWAYS notice men looking at them instead of my face. its really annoying but after all these years i think i've finally gotten used to it. i think its just b/c they don't have em so they like to look at them. and c'mon they're guys of course they like them.
  • Yoou should be proud of what you have. Some girls dont have hardly any. its Natural for a man to look at a girls body parts. its just something that happens with us men. Peacccee nigg.
  • woah.. can you send me a pick of them!!?

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