• There may be a couple but I'm going with the wolf. He can probably pretty much kick any dog's butt.
  • Coyotes are little... Probably anything bigger than it is... Like a Rott or a dobie a pitt or a mastiff.
  • Rottweiler, Pit bull, Akita, Husky, Malamute, Mastiff, Blue Tick, and possibly some Chihuahuas. Coyotes are not very brave unless they have some friends around.
  • I would say that most domestic dogs would lose a fight with a coyote. Domestic dogs are for the most part very soft, flabby, and out of shape (much like the dogs owner). Now a wild coyote is always in a fight to survive. It runs its food down, and is well versed in killing. A larger dog might be able to inflict damage early in a fight with a coyote, but if the larger dog doesn't finish the coyote within a few minutes. I say the fight would go to the coyote. Much like a middle weight professional boxer (that is well conditioned) fighting a average non-atheltic 240 lbs man. I can't think of a time when a single coyote would go after a larger dog. Coyotes are shy and cunning when hunting. So, a larger dog would most likely be attacked by more than a few coyotes at the same time.
  • a boxer mine went toe to toe and brought the coyote home as a squeek toy
  • My 90 lbs German Shepard female took a good gash to the upper eye but kept three coyottes in my back yard in up state New York at bay before I could get my shot gun and they dispersed.
  • pitbull and german shepard for sure
  • A wolf esque mutt. Balto!

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