• It relaxes everything...including ur body's will + ability to hold
  • Similar question to: "Why does submerging a sleeping person's wrist in warm water causes them to pee themselves?" But, it's probably psychological, besides the fact that it relaxes your body, it also brings the feeling of urine and its release to mind, however full your bladder is along with it, as well as how you control peeing anyway it seems to just be the 'bringing to mind' factor and feeling. (basicly reminds your brain of urine and the feeling of releasing it) [just a good guess]
  • 9-24-2017 That is a symptom of magnesium deficiency and it is quite common in the USA. Magnesium strengthens muscles, calms nerves, stops cramps, and fights infections. Get epsom salt. It is cheap, five bux for a year's supply. Put a dose in a glass with water to cover and stir until it dissolves. Fill the glass with lemonade and drink it. You can take it without the lemonade but you won't like the taste. Milk of magnesia is more expensive but nicer tasting and gentler laxative action. Your choice.
  • Just avoid going into a jacuzzi to share your discharge

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