• You'll get as many answers as there are digi cam users. Nikon lenses are wonderful though. If you're thinking of buying one, do some research to see which camera best fits your needs.
  • Camera brands is as much religion as science - I buy Canon, a good friend buys Nikon, both make good cameras. It's not so much "better" as which has the features you need and operates in a way that is more intuitive for you. If you really don't care which - are not already partial to a particular brand - shop on price and reliability.
  • Nikon D40 is a good camera for the price. Considered a budget DLSR but supposedly a really great camera. I am considering one actually.
  • I have a Canon Rebel Xsi and it's quite good. I have several lenses for it including a Sigma Macro and Sigma Wide Zoom lens. The Cannon lenses I purchased with camera as a set are quite nice, too. They are auto-focus and have stabilizers built in. Nikon makes good lenses and are used for optical and medical applications. I feel that Sony cameras are a bit over priced.
  • I use a Sony. This is my website:

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