• I think it all depends on the child! My daughter is three and i rarely hold her! But I have a friend who has a 5 year old special needs child and she holds him all the time!
  • when they get to heavy !!
  • In my experience(3 kids) its usually when they get to heavy. My five year old still try s it every know and then, i would say at about the age 3 1/2 is about the right time to get them to try and walk a bit more
  • I had to stop around when they were 4. I used to get exhaused. My oldest was almost the same size as I was. i could have got on his hip and had a ride, hahahaa:)
  • I will carry my children anytime any age if they need it. My 11 year old has not been carried in quite some time, I carry my 4 year old when he is too tired to walk (or just wants mommy time) My 2 1/2 year old I carry alot more, mostly because he will take off after anything, it keeps him with me.
  • I stopped doing it regularly once my kids were old enough to keep up with me as I walked. I still pick up my three year old when I'm in a hurry or if he's really tired. I even carry my five year old when he's really worn out or just want to fill close to him.
  • When they get too heavy to've a chance of doing your back a grave danger.
  • haha like everyone says when they get too heavy. But i recon by 6 years old at the latest they should start getting used to a parent not carrying them anymore
  • There is no set age. Eventually the parent just decides it's too darned much trouble, especially when they start walking on their own.
  • I would say, if they can wrap both legs around your's time!!!
  • I don't think there is a certain age. Of coarse when they are too heavy and too tall. Like mine are now. I wish I could pick them up and throw them on my hip again but they are too tall and heavy now:(
  • 3? or when the child is too heavy
  • My son used to lean back ,so he was young when I stopped picking him up.Used to hurt my back!

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