• Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If everyone did that it would be a much better world. I try to live by it, but sometimes it is very hard to do.
  • Yes I do... and I find that all things considered, trying to follow it in todays society has made me a jaded, angry, rigid beeatch... Im rather idealistic and I believe that one should not have to be put into the position of being the "Bad guy." by being forced to attempt to check someone elses neck for some random stupidity that chances are, they were completely aware how they were being obnoxious, ignorant and intrusive in the first place and should of had it in themselves to know better and show the respect that they were first shown. But decided not to give a rats ass and do what they wanted to do anyway. Not many people care anymore and following the golden rule is fruestrating and disheartening more than not.
  • Yes, I know and I live by it! At least I am trying very hard. It is basically the 10 commandments in non-religion expression.
  • Treat other people the same way you would like to be treated by them, yes I do live by it with people who are not mean to me
  • Yes I do and sometimes I struggle with following it because I am human....majority of the time I follow it...
  • Sure I know it. The Golden Rule: He who has the gold, makes the rules. And no, I don't live by it, because I don't have the gold.
  • OOOOHHHHH yeh!!! "Do unto others..." I SOOOO try to live by that rule. Why? Because karma can be a mo-fo.
  • The problem with the golden rule "do unto others what you would have them do unto you" is that it does not take others preferences into account. Just because I don't mind my neighbors parking on my grass doesn't mean they like me parking on their grass. or Just because I like chocolate cake doesn't mean that everyone does. I try live beyond the golden rule. I try to keep in mind that people want different things and try not to offend them by offering them what I may want. Such as it would be rude to only serve pork to a Jewish or Muslim guest.
  • I live by a twist of it...I assume everyone else is treating others as they want to be treated, and I act accordingly when dealing with them.
  • yah, the golden rule means pay back. what they do to you , means you get to do it to them.
  • I decided to try living as if everyone else was living by the golden rule and it's kinda fun........When they intrude their <whatever> I just assume they're being golden and demonstrating how they wish to be violated I happily oblige. It's good for kicks and giggles for about 6 months.
  • I try to live by it. The most common place that I have seen it not being used is while driving. While nearly everyone wants to merge easily with traffic, that is into a space easily and safely wide enough, you see people closing the space or tailgating to make it impossible.
  • Yes, I know what it is. My mother stressed it. I try to live by it, but since I'm human I do make mistakes.
  • Yep, my Mom made sure she pumped that one into me...and made me understand what it meant. Throughout my 70 years, I consider it one of the best, if not the best, rule she ever taught me. I believe in it and I have practiced it...even when ther were others who did not...and my life has been exceptionally rewarding. And I've passed it on to the generations that have followed me. Great question...+5
  • I try, but I'm not always sucessful.
  • I don't live by it. The people who have the gold are exactly the people who shouldn't make the rules. Forty years of it has taught us that.
  • i try to
  • I am huge on the golden rule but sometimes I think people are hoping for help with something they had no business starting in the first place. If I wouldn't have starting something because I couldn't do it I would not expect help from others and I may not offer mine. Another rule: If I help someone who asks for help but they have some reason they can't help me when I need help then I will NEVER, pretty much under any circumstances, help them again.

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