• Nowhere outside of North America, other than Jamaica. Lame isn't it? Maybe we should take an around the world cruise :)
  • STATES: Hawaii, Alaska, Missouri, Texas, Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, Virginia, Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, California, New Mexico, New York & Maine. Overseas: Iraq, Kuwait, Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Thailand, France and Mexico. I have also sailed from Hawaii to Thailand and back on a merchant ship.
  • All over the USA, Mexico, western half of Canada up to the Arctic and Belgium.
  • A few places. In the US, I've been to all the New England States, all around New York State, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin, Illinois, Utah, Nevada, and California. Outside of the US... Canada, Germany, Holland, Ireland, England, Iceland, and Denmark.
  • Lebanon,Afghanistan(Advisor;-),Germany,Italy,Spain,Grenada(Saving rich college students),Japan,Hong Kong,Phillipines,Guam(it sucked),Australia.
  • Confined to Western Europe
  • Most of North America, much of Europe and the United Kingdom, and parts of Africa. The rest of the world has been deprived of the havoc I can cause. ;-)

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