• Very rarely =( he will wash the dishes and sometimes take out the trash and that about it! the rest of everything is on me. Its good that we dont have a huge apt!
  • Only when I ask, and then ask again louder:D
  • yeah, we are neat freaks.
  • NO...He just makes the messes...He's spoiled to me taking care of his sorry butt
  • & yet men are the "superior ones" I'm getting married soon, my man sometimes helps me hang up the washing and we're taking turns cooking during the week, but otherwise he sits watching tv while im running up and down every night & every weekend. then expects me to still pay him attention, and has the nerve to ask why am i tired, or moans if i fall asleep early. One day he'll find i've walked out on him. I might as well be single.
  • yea he help but no not really enough he does the obvious things like the washing up but its me that wipes down the sides and things he puts the washing on and i hang it up fold it and put it away somedays like when hes off or hes trying to be special (or if i leave him a long list) he will do almost everything! hoover clean the fridge and oven tidy all rooms. but most of the time its left to me unless i ask him once or twice. and i do the 'hidden things' the little things like tidying, putting things away, where they live and dusting. if he cant see it it doesnt need doing lol
  • He does more than enough. He's very considerate in regards to that type of thing.
  • I'm a guy and i dont help- i do take out the garbage and shovel the snow though- but my wife does not work , which is the way i like it.
  • when i lived with my b/f he did not....because I didnt want him to. I liked taking care of him and the house.
  • Yes, my husband helps a great deal. He cleans the bathrooms and does all the mopping. I prefer for him to leave my laundry alone though. That was a scary mess.
  • My husband helps a lot...dishes, vacuuming, cleaning. I do most of it, but he helps a lot. He works full time and I don't so it all works out.
  • He tries. He can cook, but I prefer to do the rest
  • my ex helped with cooking sometimes. but no, he didnt help with cleaning, kids, finances, yard work, or anything else. he was in it for sex only.
  • all the is a little hard for me to let him help..this is my second marriage..i lived with my first husband for 17 years and he never helped with anything..I am so used to doing everything by myself it is hard to watch him sweep the floor or do the dishes..but I let him..
  • My husband does a lot around the home. We both enjoy taking care of our house and think of it as both of our concern as we both live here. We also both have health problems so we each do what we can, when we can. He now works outside the home so I do the majority, but many things we like to do that the other one doesn't. My husband loves to do dishes so I have to sometimes wrestle dishes away from him to get enough of a load in the dishwasher to make a full load. He does a lot of the heavy things like filling the woodbox so I have enough wood to keep the fire going during the day. It all works out very well.

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