• Hi, Epistaxis. My dog does this every chance he gets! I don't think it does him any harm, but I wouldn't just buy catfood for both. They are nutritionally different....and eventually, your dog would get just as tired of the "all catfood diet" as he is of his own. Then he's be sneakin' in the pantry!!
  • Cat food contains more fat. Most vets would tell you to keep the cat food away from your dog.
  • That is the first sure sign of canine personality disorder and it stems from the unnatural cohabitation of dogs and cats. You have forced you dog to live in an unnatural state with a cat and now there are consequences to pay.
  • Eating cat food probably won't hurt your dog, though it's best that he doesn't eat it all the time. Cats and dogs require different diets. Cats are pure carnivores, meaning they typically eat nothing but meat, while dogs are omnivorous, meaning that they eat some plant materials along with their meat and bones. Plus cats need a higher protein level in their diet. This protein level is too high for dogs and will cause bladder/kidney stones in dogs. If your dog nibbles cat food here and there and vise versa, it should cause no harmful problems. But they both need to eat their individual food for wellness and longevity. Cat diets are made primarily of meat and meat products, so in the long run they can be too rich for dogs and can cause digestive problems. They are also denser in calories than dog diets, so they can lead to obesity in dogs. Because of the additional fat and calories, cat food often tastes better to dogs than dog food does, so dogs almost always prefer ct food and lots of it, getting really fat and unhealthy.
  • But just think how your dog feels, there is a bowl full of treats just waiting for him. Dogs like wolves gorge when they find food, that is why they are so like vacuum cleaners about food of any type. My dog loved Bean Burritos from Taco Bell.
  • Cat food has more of a smell than dog food, thats why she likes it. her nose is a million times (or so) more powerful that yours, remember. If you mix a couple tablespoons in her food, she ll be more likely to stay in her bowl. And put the cats food on the dryer.
  • Dogs like cat food because it's more salty too...
  • Keep your dog out of the cat food! My dog has had issues with eating cat food and she now gets diarrhea every time she does. My vet has advised me that this is a common problem for dogs who get into cat food.
  • It won't hurt as a treat, but it is too rich as a regular diet. Put the cat food up high where the dog can't get it and the cat can eat undisturbed.
  • Cat food (commercial) tends to be higher in both fat and protein. Since Dogs are physically designed to eat RAW MEATS, RAW BONES AND RAW ORGANS...many dogs will seek out cat foods to try and meet their needs. Unfortunately, dry kibble (death nuggets) of any type for either species is totally lacking in what both dogs and cats ultimately require for optimum good health, physically/mentally and emotionally. It is a big, fat rip-off of your hard earned money. Why not consider a Species Appropriate Raw Diet? My dogs and cats have been on RAW for a full year now. Not only are they all in far better health, but their behaviors have all improved, the dogs no longer seek "Kitty Rocha," the cat that was getting chronic crystals in her urine...hasn't had a single problem since clearing up the last one 2 - 3 weeks after switching over to raw. They all shed less. Everyone's teeth are sparkling white, from gnawing whole prey meats, and their breath is sweet smelling, plus NONE of them have any BO at all! They all poop less because the food is being USED by their bodies correctly...and I SAVE MONEY EACH MONTH, because we use less cat litter, and I get FREE MEATS off of FreeCycle! It's worth checking out, you have nothing to loose, by learning about it...and your dog and cat have EVERYTHING TO GAIN!

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