• Out west somewhere. And No.
  • Greece, maybe/maybe not.
  • Paris. Yes, I would come back. While Paris is my dream destination, there are other beautiful places in the world. So I have to return to work again and earn money for those trips.
  • Some lonely island away from everything. Would love to just chill out next to the waves and hunt for my own food and then sit down next to a bonfire and grill the days catch and watch the stars on a clear night sky and fall asleep on a hammock on the beach it self. That'd be sick! Only problem is I'd want to come back to the real world and possibly come and go fast whenever I feel like it. Yes, maybe after I make my first billion, I'll buy an Island like that and get someone to drop me off and pick me up by chopper. ;)
  • Chicago, and I don't think I would come back. It was love at first sight with that city!
  • It would be to Italy and because I've never been there, I don't know whether I'd come back or not.
  • There are alot of nice places in the world but I'm going to go with Ohio. Too much crap going on at work right now to purchase the one way but I did just purchase another round trip. Maybe get the one way the following weekend.
  • My ticket would be to the British Isles, to see Scotland, Ireland and Wales. I'm not sure I'd come back.
  • Probably Spain or Greece. Both amazing places I will never forget. OH! wait no, Sweden for sure! I would. move to Sweden and never come back lol.

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