• I would fire them. Under extraneous circumstances, I would only suspend them without pay (circumstances like, lets say the cop is an extraordinary cop, always doing the right thing and going as far as he can, and lets say his wife died the week before and he's in a bad emotional state--such a cop would deserve a second chance, I think).
  • Fire that police officer, a child could have went in there.
  • I would fire him immediately.
  • unique, unfortunate question. was it in the middle of the night or during child-wandering hours? was the gun discovered while he was leaving the stall, washing his hands, returned to have coffee, returned to his sqaud car? did he have one month of service (and thus a risky investment) or was he at 19.99 years of service without any demerits (thus much less risky but also discipline might take away his retirement he'd have in two days)? was he facing a difficult situation that might've contributed to his absent-mindedness (e.g., partner shot, wife has cancer)? in the end, a fact is a fact, but, these circumstances also ought to be factored, not into guilt, but into punishment.
  • i imagine he would just feel really guilty when that little kid that was in after him brings it back to him, or starts thinking its play time with it!
  • Fired.
  • I'd have to look at the circumstances surrounding the incident. It's easy to say "fire him". That may not be the best action to take.
  • 2 months no pay.
  • You are obviously referring to this incident: I would not permit her to work in any unit that uses firearms for the rest of her career.
  • Oh my god. This reminds me of a jail sheriff that asked me to date him for months and I finally agreed to go out to dinner with him. (I was a lawyer and he had to check me in to visit clients. I couldn't avoid him. Absolute bozo. Let me know in the first five mins that he was so, happy that a black girl had dated him. He really, really, REALLY wanted a black girlfriend. *Sigh. Not a turn-on boys!) So he parked his convertible outside at an open air restaurant. When we came back (from the WORST date of my entire life) I saw his gym bag in the back seat, where anyone could have reached in and gotten it while we were on the back patio and out of sight of the car. I asked him what was in the gym bag, he said "my gun," and then took it out and showed it to me. Sigh. Fucking idiot.
  • Whatever protocol calls for in a situation like this. That suspension until full inquiry seems fair, though. We all have made mistakes at our jobs, and if firing someone is the knee jerk, cure all, universal reaction, than unemployment would be near 100%, and that just isn't good for anyone.

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