• eleven
  • well with the us having on the worst weight problems in the world...i would take a rack nice....six racks not so nice
  • ME ME ME ME ME!!!! ... but then again I am European and it was the hardest thing for me to get used once I moved to US!!! Howcome guys can walk without and woman can't???? I mean a lot of guys have bigger ones than I do..... LOL!!!! But no seriously??!! :):)
  • For some reason, I feel only the girls I don't want to see topless would be the ones without tops.
  • Have you ever seen Americans? LOL What's the most obese nation again? Ah.. slips my mind. Oh and, you should also visit a topless beach in America :) Intense experience I must say. It's like watching Friday The 13th when you're only 5 years old. It's scary, you won't forget it, and it will PROBABLY scar your mind for the rest of your life LOL. I vote nay. Please. For the sake of mankind. Nay! :)
  • Ok I have to say I would. I love to look at breast. I know that sound perverted but honestly I would not mind bare breast anytime.
  • I don't think I'd want that.
  • Not me. Ick.
  • Sure! Any excuse for uninhibited nakedness works for me. LOL!
  • I think that would be fun but somehow I don't think the majority of the Americans would be ready for it. Guys ogle and act like school boys, all that drooling, instead of just enjoying the view and getting on with what they were doing.
  • Count me in. This society is so ashamed of the naked female. We need naked women everywhere. FireBrand, can I ask you, in the UK, is weight loss medication as popular as it is over here? I just have to ask.
  • Men won the right to be top free in the 1930's before that time they would be charged with indecency. It is time Women win the right to be top free ANYWHERE a man can be top free. Please see this information for more information on topfreedom:
  • I suppose add me to the list. You know if topless is allowed onthe beach it is allowed on the city street. If women are browning their breasts you know they will want to show them off. I would think there could be topless sections on the beach, just as there would be sections for nude bathers. men and women in one section.
  • Count me in. or at leats have sections of beaches that allow both so that everyone is accommodated.
  • Have you seen some of our Americans? Do you want to see them topless too? If you want that...go to Wal-Mart.
  • Yuck! I would hate to see floppy boobs on a beach whilst I'm with my children especially if I am sitting having something to eat! Setting the limits of decency is best and then no one gets offended. American has got it right. If people want to go naked, let them do it in their own back garden and not infront of my children!
  • I will give you an emphatic and indignant NO WAY JOSE!
  • I wish they would make most people put on more clothes!
  • I do! That'd be interesting..very interesting! : )

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