• Nothing. I don't need it surgically implanted. I go over my minutes as it is. :)
  • Lol, i wouldn't have one implanted either. How would you charge it? lol
  • Money..and loads of it.
  • I don't think anything would convince me to get one.
  • Nothing would convince me. I don't like phones and don't have a cell phone at all. I am not tethered to a phone and like it that way. It would be like implanting a washing machine so I could do more laundry. No. That would be a very bad idea!
  • HELL no. It's bad enough that your phone could be tapped in the first place, but it'd be hell to have it tapped AND inside your head. And how would you ignore calls? IT'S RINGING IN YOUR HEAD FOR GOD'S SAKE.
  • I think this would be the worst idea since ROTARY CELLPHONES!
  • I dont know, but I know what would convince me to get one out. The fact that I hate phones.
  • Ha good Q! my answer to this is a definate NO! i think theyre 'unknown quantity, to a degree and wouldnt sucumb even if they were the 'in thing :) +
  • nothing, there is no way i would have one, i rarely use the phone now.:)
  • Nothing could convince me, well... maybe a billion dollars.
  • LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION, if it's in my hand, that would be okay, but I might accidentally call someone when making hand party. If it was in my ear or somewhere like that, I'd be all for it just so long as the battery didn't need regular replacements. OH and if it's mentally powered/controlled, I would hope customer service never told me to reboot.
  • I bet everyone who wears those hideous bluetooth earpieces would. They look stupid.
  • Being held at gunpoint.
  • As I get older I hate mobile phones more and more, and I find them rather dull, especially things like iPhones and other advanced cells. These things just have too many features! I have a simple $20 mobile that I use for calls and texts, but even that annoys me. I really can't stand it when people constantly play with their mobile phones either. Rant over. To answer your question: No! I wouldn't have a phone implanted!
  • If it came in a suppository form. That way I could tell people that I was speaking out of my ass.
  • Well say you got the latest phone and then a couple weeks later a new better phone came out and you didnt want that surgical phone no more or say you got a tatto at 14 75 years later when you are old and tired and dont want that tatto no more well you should of thought of that 75 years ago.
  • Being held at gunpoint. Then I'd make an emergency visit to get it removed. I'd rather wear a removable device because what if I decide to stay apart from technology for a while? So I'd rather wear a phone on my wrist or earring. Nothing implanted, no way!

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