• welll lets see my parents are getting divorced, im moving,my grandpa died two days ago, school is overwhelming me, i honestly dont think i have any self-esteem or confidence anymore, i feel like alot is missing in my life, my mom has overly high expectations of me and i know i cant meet them, i really really like one of my best freinds but i know they dont like me back,and im not anyones best friend.... that answer your question for ya?
  • one word hormones it screws with everything
  • I don't. Olny if I wouldn't have spinal problems, my life would be....perfect.
  • Poor parental guidance.
  • A lack of hope and vision. It comes from parents. A lot of teens have crappy parents, therefore they have crappy outlooks on life and don't see a point to it all.
  • i dont, im insanely happy. apart from that i had to break up with my boyfriend due to circumstances beyond my control.
  • It's a time of much uncertainty. You're trying to establish who you are in life, combined with hormones that can go out of control, peer pressure, and the push and pull of being caught between being an adolescent and an adult. Luckily, we all manage to get through it somehow.
  • Is this a fact?
  • my reason is because of my past. i was a victim of child abuse, my father went to jail for molesting my sister. My family split up and forced me to decide who i will be with. I haven't seen my brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and grand-niece (dont ask) in 4-5years. I'm treated terribly sometimes by people who hardly know me. Im basically emotionally scarred. The more i try to be happy the more hurt i become. I bottle things inside me and i can't take it. I dont have anyone to tell me things are alright and hold me like im loved. If it weren't for my two best friends, i dono what i would be like. need me to go on? im only 17
  • I'm happy with my life, they are just little bit of problems that fly out of nowhere sometimes.
  • Teenagers have to deal with hormonal issues, many for the first time. It's not much different from constant PMS or post partum depression -- all the time. Teens are a little bit "crazy" because of it. It DOES pass.
  • Because this is the time where teenagers are trying to figure who they want to be in life and it can be frustrating at times.
  • Because they don't understand adult life as a teenager. They think their parents are the meanest in the world and until they are grown and have children of their own and responsibilites then they won't understand, one day it will all make sense to them,I hope.
  • Because there parents are to stricked, and love to make rules. They think its for your own good but really it makes you want to go to bad things. and rebel. But you hve to learn to be greatful taht you have your parents and they feed you. A lot of people ahve way worse lifes then you. Always look on teh bright side.
  • it is something that almost all teenagers go through. for more then one reason (family, school, friends and hormones). if your a parent, dont cover your teen with rules and restrictions, just let them go through what there going through and be there for them when they need you. sleeping a lot, missing school because of sleeping in dose not mean your teen hates life or school. look for patterns in missed classes, if he or she is missing only math and history look into it. talk to your teem and to there teachers, even there friends to look for a change. if everything seems ok and sleep is not an excuse, go to the doctor. sleeping a lot can be a symptom of depression, mono or need of more iorn in there blood.
  • they don't have God in their lives.
  • I think teens hate their lives because they're old enough to know that they're really not children anymore, yet they are treated like children regardless.
  • Not all teenagers hate their lives, but for those that do, it's usually caused by not "measuring up" to what society says they should look or behave like. Maybe they have problems with their families or making friends. Some don't feel like they fit in because they're not super popular. Maybe their boy/girlfriend borke up with them. High school is a bitch.
  • School makes them miserable.
  • becuase everything seems like such a big deal during adolensence and high school.
  • Hormones, other teenagers being cruel, lack of perspective, sick American society putting too much emphasis on sexuality, materialism not being fulfilling and there being little in our society to replace it with a sense of purpose or self-worth.
  • Too much pressure and stress in their lives.
  • I don't know, cause I'm a teenager and I love mine!
  • Their lives are the only lives they know.
  • they could be getting abused
  • They haven't got any lives to begin with
  • Teenagers are growing and learning, and might not yet have the strategies to manage their anger and other emotions.

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