• to be faithful.
  • I'd say it's just a promise to be exclusive to one another, and to break up amicably if need be. Obviously not a life long commitment.
  • I'm guessing when you put it on. What are you promising,? Is it sex, undying love, see you in a few years. Sounds like just an excuse for a woman to get a piece of jewelry from a me cynical.
  • When you exchange promise rings, I believe that there is a vow that is stated. It depends on the vows. Traditionally, I'd say that a promise ring is promising monogamy and faithfulness (and sometimes a promise to get married in the future). Although in today's society, you can promise to be best friends forever (supposedly).
  • supporting him and cheering him on through his most difficult times.. never leaving his side, always learning to compromise, always loving, always learning and improving, always being available for him at 2am when he needs someone to talk to.
  • Take from a bunch of guys...It's a stall tactic from the guy !
  • That you would be monogamous till the ring is on. Frankly it would change many times before you are 20 or 25!Its just another fad till it lasts!
  • Whatever you intend to promise you promise. I suppose it means you will be faithful to that person.
  • My son gave one to a girlfriend when he was in college many years I understand it, it means you promise to go to the next step, getting engaged and eventually married. I never asked exactly, though..and they did not end up together. But that is what I would have meant/thought if someone had given me such a ring! Happy Sunday! :) ((hugs))
  • I told you my answer yesterday. I cant believe you took the dare. *sigh*
  • It's a promise that hopefully you will shut up about getting married for a bit. Ha, no, it's a promise that you plan on living/being more than just a regular relationship together and move to another level.
  • To Have, Care for, Feed, Rub Feet, Pleasure Deeply (re. perhaps Tie-up, Tickle, Pleasure and cause pleading when at the top of a wonderful release just to know how to make you sustain and give a bigger amount of pleasure in the end) of the quality time Only to Repeat Often!
  • to stay with them till death do u part

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