• No. It is totally up to the taste of the bride to be.
  • No, I actually want a aquamarine ring :)
  • Traditionaly speak, I think yes. But today, so little is don by tradition, might as well give the bride to be what she wants, if you know whats good for you!
  • You better make sure she doesn't want a diamond.
  • I think it can be anything that says "I love you"
  • Not important. Just a simple thing to show your love
  • If I should ever get married again..I am going for my birthstone and his birthstone, and then maybe some diamonds around it;) That would be a nice engangement ring:)
  • not important, it just vary with different ppls
  • no not really it just depends on the girl its goin on and what she perfers...if she wants a different stone or you have a special one you want to give her that good and fine and really sweet
  • Truly, the only thing that the engagement ring should contain is love. (Edited to add comma)
  • Not unles you give her one out of a Cracker Jack Box.
  • No, go watch "The Legend of Molly Brown" A cigar wrapper should be good enough. Although, I did spend a lot of money on a nice rock many years ago.
  • Diamonds should not be mandatory. The diamond means nothing if you're only trying to buy the woman's love anyway.
  • nope, it's what ever your preference! :)
  • No, especially with all of the blood diamond business. The most beautiful engagement ring I've ever seen was a saphire.
  • I think I'm a traditionalist. It would just seem odd if my engagement ring wasn't the beautiful diamond that it is. But if another couple both feel comfortable with a different stone, then I don't think there is anything wrong with it. For instance, if she's already been engaged before, it might be nice to have something completely different.
  • DIE DIAMOND CARTEL!!! BURN DEBEERS MONOPOLY!!! my wife's engagment ring and wedding ring are the same ring (she nearly killed me when I took it back for a few days to get it polished up for the wedding) it is a stirling silver band made from metal melted down from a ring I used to wear with a 14k rose gold symbol on it. because I made them use my metal it cost about double... $110. there is no blood gem in it and it did not cost me a car. diamonds are only expensive because debeers owns a monopoly on them and creates an artificial shortage, they are as rare as quarts and are less brilliant than moisanite (hard as ruby, synthetic, 1/6th cost of diamond, twice the fire, higher heat resistance) next time someone tells you diamond is forever have them put their ring in the oven at 350 for a couple hours... it will come out graphite. BOYCOT DEBEERS who has preyed on womens insecurity for centuries.
  • No, I want an Onyx engagement ring, If I EVER get one lol
  • only if your guy can afford it. emeralds would work.
  • No. I shall chose to embed it with something different- a pearl, or sapphire or onyx :)
  • I dont think it should matter how expensive the ring is... or how inexpensive. If her acceptance of my proposal is contingent on my monthly wage then I dont want to marry her. I wouldnt want to marry any woman so superficial.
  • noooooo, i am not married, but if i ever do get so lucky, I want a ruby engagement ring. The stone will not make any difference.
  • In the recent public awareness of the nature of blood diamonds, more and more couples are choosing other types of stones, diamond simulants, or smaller diamonds that come from non-conflict areas. The diamond engagement ring did not become the standard it is considered today until after the early 20th century advertising campaigns by DeBeers diamond Merchants.
  • No. Why not rubies or just be silver? Why not just have a wedding ring?
  • It doesn't have to and I know many people who chose other stones. A word of caution though, if she plans to wear it all of the time few stones hold up as well as diamonds. 10 years wearing a diamond with no problems, in 2 days she chipped an emerald.
  • The people at DeBeers think so.
  • You just have to know what the woman wants. If you know she's in love with rubies... make it a ruby. I don't like most diamonds so it would be nearly impossible for a guy to find me a diamond engagement ring.

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