• thats up to the people in charge of it
  • Trump isn't keeping kids away from their families. The large government bureaucracies that the left seems to love and that are largely inefficient, seems to be the problem. Blame them.
    • Linda Joy
      Blame the criminals that are coming here illegally! Its their fault! Unless they are children being manipulated who don't have a choice!
  • You mean the 'edict' put in place by Bill Clinton? The one that was brought to the attention of Barrack Obama and he chose not to change it either? Why does it suddenly need to be changed now? Because of hate and prejudice against Trump? That hardly seems fair now, does it? Show me, Thinker where you have proof that Trump issued this 'edict'! And why shouldn't it be Clinton who issued the 'edict' who should pay? Why was it only a problem when Trump took office?
    • Archie Bunker
      It's only Trump's fault because he doesn't like Trump.
    • Linda Joy
      I understand not knowing the facts. No one knows everything and we are all learning, but to spread lies just because you like them and don't want to learn the truth is just lazy, lying and wrong!

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