• If it is a two-cycle engine, there will be oil mixed with the gas and it will mess up your caurbuerator or fuel injection and who knows what else. Otherwise, it should be fine. However, beware of old gas, that will really gum things up too.
  • The only issue would be if there was oil added to the gas. Some "2-stroke" lawn equipment engines require oil be added to the gas. If no oil was added, the fuel is perfectly suited for an automobile.
  • That should be fine if, as others have mentioned, the gas has not been mixed with 2 cycle oil. Most lawn mowers do not use a 2 cycle oil mixed into the gas but leaf blowers frequently use 2 cycle oil mix. I don't know about snow blowers.
  • If it's only gas ok but if it is mixed with oil (as many lawnmowers and snowblowers are) no.

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