• Don't be afraid of being yourself. This is how you will be most successful.
  • Be nice to everyone, and don't allow yourself to become part of any clique. Get to know as many people as you can, and do as many activities as you can while keeping your grades up. Be yourself and don't become part of any small, exclusive group. Pick your friends based on who is nice and fun, NOT who is pretty and popular.
  • DONT TALK SHIT because IT WILL GET BACK TO THAT PERSON! Just stay out of it. Just be cool with everyone. Seriously. If everyone likes you, you're golden. Dont make enemies. High school sucks. lol BY THE WAY, Good luck and do your homework. Take all the crappy classes at first so that in your last year you'll be able to goof off and take easy classes. Study hard and go to college. I know it may not matter now but really getting good grades in high school will prepare you for college and you really need a degree in life.
  • Where you decide to sit in class determines how your year is going to go. Who you sit around is one major factor. Another is where you sit. In the front, you're more likely to pay attention and learn. But in the back, you'll feel more comfortable, and feel like a lot of the pressure is off.
  • Don't get sucked into the drama. Everything in high school is at such an escalated level of emotionality and intense feeling - your friends, your crushes, etc. Of course, it is normal and will happen. Just remember that high school can be a very memorable time in your life if you keep a positive attitude. Surround yourself with people who you feel you can be yourself around, respect your teachers (and they will respect you), and don't study too hard :-P Good luck, Olero :)
  • karma what goes around comes around.
  • I cant speak for any yanks here but in Britian it's a lot easier than most people say it is. For a start, bullying is almost non-exsistant. If someone tells a joke about you, most likely they meant no harm and will apoligise afterwards. Hell, even the crack-smokers in my school are nice to everyone. If your smart, don't pretend not to be. You get respected by most people by knowing a lot. I remember a while ago when the teacher asked a question I put my hand up and then he said, "Anyone else?", cos I was the only one in the class who knew the answer. Teachers are not evil dictators that should be hated; if they like you then thats a good thing. Do your homework well; that usually impresses them.
  • be yourself. dont do anything you dont believe in whether it be drugs, drinking or sex. dont base your friends on if theyre popular. base them on whether they are good people. treat everyone w respect.

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