• LowFat Cream of Carrot Lower Fat Cream of Brocolli if that is the type of cream type soup you mean, then yes that would be two recipes that show you how
  • In my home-made cream of brocoli soup there is no problem. People rave over it. Cook your flowerettes till tender with salt. Drain water till almost gone. Have a quart of fat-free half and half ready. Take 2 - 3 tbls cornstarch and mix in a cup with enough water to make paste pourable. Set aside. Bring brocoli and half and half to a slow boil. Stirring occ. While boiling, pour paste (make sure no lumps) into water stirring vigorously. Take off burner immediatly. It should bbe pretty thick but very pourable. Add real butter to taste and package sharp grated chedder cheese. Stir slowly. My own recp. My wife's own rec. Hope you enjoy.
  • Replace any recipe that calls for milk or cream with a lowfat version. Then cut that in half and replace that half with soft tofu.
  • We often don't add any milk or cream to cream soups. I make a bit of a roux (1/4 butter, 1/4 flour) and then add the veggies and stock but leave it chunky. Then I use a hand or stick blender and go at it till it's thick and creamy. It works for us. If we want it a bit creamier, I'll add some canned milk, undiluted but it usualy isn't necessary. It can be reheated easily as it won't break like milk will. No one eve guesses that I didn't add dairy to the soups. Works great for my SIL who can't have dairy.
  • I often use chicken broth in place of cream/milk and thicken with arrowroot or flour or cornstarch.
  • You can also use skim evaporated milk in place of cream or half and half in most recipes. It gives you the "mouth feel" of cream.
  • I've had good success with substituting nonfat or lowfat plain yogurt for cream in soups.
  • Cream style soups are usually low fat but high in carbs as the thickening ingredient is either corn starch or flour.
  • Cream style soups traditionally have a lot of cream in them. That is definitely delicious but, of course, the cream is high fat / high calories. Current cream soups frequently use pured vegetables to get the creamy texture without the fat and calories.
  • Sure! Here's a recipe for cream of anything soup mix!

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