• I'm sure there is but the SPCA won't tell you about it because it'll cause some of their like minded vets, etc. to lose a fee. I have some ideas about this and would do it if needed. A suffering animal shouldn't have to continue living if the owner doesn't have the fee to put the dog down.
  • It is allowable in some states, but most would arrest you for terminating a pet without using a recognised vet.
  • Don't listen to the song "Old Shep" will give you bad ideas!
  • I like Pie
  • I don't know if the laws about putting your own dog "down", but as some suggested, a .22 to the head....might be legal to do, but you better know the law about where you can and can't discharge a firearm. Good luck to you...I'm in the same boat, hence this is how i came upon your question.

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