• ANY children children is too MANY!!!!
  • If you are dumb or have genetic diseases or other problems you shouldn't have any because you will pass them on. If you are healthy and intelligent you need to have as many as possible.
  • If you need public assisstance 1 is too many. Too many kids would depend on how many you could are for, and spend quality time with each. If you can't devide your time between 3 kids than 3 is too many. I guess in general more than 4 is too many, but if you have the time and money, go ahead. Now that family that has like 18 kids, THAT is too many.
  • some might say one...
  • (in my opinion) you can never have too many. As long as you can look after them all properly & care for them correctly, there should not be an upper limit. The instant you reach an amount that looks like would cause too much difficulty (either financially or psychologically) to yourself & or the children/family, you should stop.
  • ONE LOL! actually it depends on the person...some want like 20...meanwhile I only want 3 max...if ever i have any
  • Well, one can only answer this for themselves. We have two children and I think that's just enough. I will not be having anymore biological children although, if at some time in the future we choose for our family to grow, we will adopt. There are thousands of children, of every age, in our country who have no home or a family to call their own. I am also of the mindset that humans are a bane on Earth's resources so not adding to an already seriously growing problem is also my reasoning. The world's population, on its current growth trajectory, is expected to reach nearly 9 billion by the year 2042. I just hope the old girl can handle it...
  • To each there own! But my opinion is... If you don't have enough seat belts for everyone in your vehicle you may have too many! For myself more then 3 would be too many and is actually what I would like to have any more and I think I would loose my mind!
  • ummm, for me, two is too many when walking past the toy isles at wal-mart. if duct taped and handcuffed to shopping cart, any more than 5 and they'd start tripping over each other! if you've gotta drive them each to different sports / activities every night, keep it low. if paying for college tuition, maybe two. if claiming tax credit, aim high.
  • as long as you can provide for your family. As long as the first child doesnt suffer because you have so many then it shouldn't matter.
  • 3 as an absolute maximum, 2 if you really want them, 1 is enough
  • Depends on the person, their patience, and their budget!
  • I say for me 1 was too many. I love kids but I had a hard time parenting and I love my daughter, an adult now. But it was very very hard for me and how do you know unless you have one.
  • i would say one however it depends how much time etc the person has
  • I would say in my opinion never too many. There was this women at church and I saw about 12 children in the pew with her . I wondered are all those hers. Well yes, I knew that was her calling and she was so good at it. All in church at the same time.She just had the grace from God to do all this. Bless her cause I dont think I could. One or 2 for me. That is my blessing.Thanks for the cute question.
  • There are too many variables for one person to answer this question for another. The one most important question to ask yourself is: How many can you support well emotionally, physically, & financially?
  • One is too many...
  • If the love, money and time, especially time, is there, I say the sky is the limit. Some women have physical limitations to how many pregnancies they can safely handle. For me personally, I have one, and working on making the final child. I have only ever wanted two kids, so, three would be too many for me.
  • It depends how much $$ is in your check book! If kids were "free" I would have a dozen of them !
  • for me; one was enough. I had a friend who had 8 and would have been 10 but 2 died. i often sit and wonder "how" financially and physically how. He traveled on the road 4 days a week and his wife did it all so it alwayw amazed me. I guess if you can afford it and have the patience, go for it but it seems to me that a women's body would just give out before that many babies.
  • One is too many...
  • As many as the income can support
  • That's a personal choice. But I would say as many as you feel you can independently support (w/o the govt's help) and that you feel comfortable with.
  • I would say 3 is too many. If you want to replace yourself and you mate, that's ok, but other than that, there is a population problem in the world, lets not add to it.
  • I think it up to you , how many you can support both finanically and emotionally .

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