• not really Christian based. they are like AA and use the 12 step program They teach belief in a higher power but they don't specifically talk about God.
  • To the extent that the founders were very careful to make it acceptable to the Catholic church. Bill Wilson wrote that it was vital to keep AA open to "Irish drunks' becasue 'whoever thinks of alcoholism without thinking of the Irish" I'm putting it more clumsly than he did of course - but the tenets of AA were screened - by invitation - by a Catholic Bishop before the AA 'Big book' was submitted for printing.
  • I'm not familiar with Protestant sects!
  • Overall, no. To the extent that there is a serenity prayer nut they simply tell you to say it to your higher power whoever or whatever you consider it to be then yes. To the extent they tell to you to trust God and God will save you and protect you etc etc not at all.

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