• Yes. Laws differ throughout the world, but in countries like America (which apparently the whole world is from) and Australia (!) the legal age of being porn-able is 18. If you lived in, say, Australia, uploading a naked photo (it doesn't even have to be naked, just 'indecent') anywhere or even taking the photo is possession of child pornography. Putting it on photobucket is dissemination thereof.
  • Many legislators are reconsidering child pornography law in this area where the perpetrator is a juvenile. In a few years, I suspect this sort of thing will be all around either reduced to a misdemeanor or completely legal.
  • It might be. That question aside, doing something like that would be pretty dumb - and I wouldn't do it myself.
  • I'll answer your question if you'll answer mine. Why would you want to do that? Please be honest.
  • Yes it would and it would also be a really stupid thing to do.
  • I'm not sure, but just think before you act... like when you post naked pictures of yourself online virtually EVERYONE can see it. Hmm i don't think you want that. Do you?
  • Yes it is. But even if your older then that, photobucket won't allow that sort of picture anyway. It would be pretty stupid to do that sort of thing!
  • Yes it is. Legislators have forgotten what those laws were created for in the first place.
  • I dont know, lts say that there is a strong big male that looks like a 25 years old man but in fact hes 17 years old, so I will say no. It's rather to call that type a minor , not a child rofl.... children are under 13
  • Technically yes, But I don't think anyone is going to knock down your door and arrest you. Just don't advertise your services. This is a hypothetical question isn't it?
  • I reckon it could. This reminds me of a recent case in the US in which a teenage girl uploaded naked photos of herself (to facebook or something) and was arrested for the distribution of child pornography.
  • It might be considered that. It also might be rather reckless. Have you any desire to "be somebody" of influence in your oncoming adult life? If so, why chance trashing it? OR, why chance opening yourself up to blackmail? What about that nice promotion at a job a few years down the line, ...and someone's got that old photo they cut and pasted and it somehow turns up somewhere? What about your kids later on, and they see a similar photo "reborn" on some site, right about the time you're trying to give your sweet 13 yr. old daughter an important lesson about chastity or something? Lots to consider now that you ARE almost all grown up...with all that freedom.
  • it might be, probably depends on who youre sending it to
  • No! Not necessarily. Nudity does not necessarily equal pornography. Also something can be “pornographic” even if there is no nudity. Ie. pictures of naked children at any dust resort is not going to be considered pornographic. Often these resorts even have pictures involving minors. On the other hand a minor in a sexual suggestive pose is probably going to be considered pornographic even if she were fully clothed.

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