• It's just a myth. (Dang'it) Mermaids were supposed to coax sailors to either stear their ships into dangerous waters or coax them out of the boat to swim with them; Encouraging the sailor to dive with them and lead them too deep to resurface before drowning. Attractive, alluring, seductive, and deadly.
    • Anoname
      You secretly have a crush on her - don't 'ya. It'll do you no good. She's married and hates you.
  • No, mermaid do not exist. Fish and humans cannot interbreed. This is just another example of the vivid imagination of humans.
  • i dont think so
  • In our country, there are so many stories about people seeing mermaids and that they put on curse to someone or that they drown someone. They are all myths unless we can witness it in our own eyes. I havent seen one yet but I cannot guarantee that they dont exist just because I havent seen one.
  • No they are not real so no you can't see one. They are in the same category as unicorns, the Easter Bunny and Tinkerbell.
  • Mermaids don`t exist in real life. Now is the time to realize this.
  • No, they aren't real, so you can never see one.
  • ive never seen one but you never know, they could be real
  • I read one time they thought mermaids were actually thought to be manatees

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