• Although there is no actual best, there are martial arts that will be more and less fitting for you and your way of life. For the VERY long run, Tai Chi & Tai Chi Chuan are very good, but they also take lots of time before a level of effective usability can be developed. Wing Chun & JuJitsu makes a very good strike & grapple combination, and their usability time frame is shorter.
  • I may be a little bit prejudice but I would recommend jujitsu :)
  • I would suggest visiting several different schools in your area and observe their work. You will most likely be able to find one that fits what you want.
  • My Husband teaches Mixed Martial Arts and has been doing it since he was 18. He loves it! Our children are also learning and always excited to learn more. I would suggest you take some time to look into the different forms of martial arts. You can choose what feels right for you and take it from there.
  • Akido.

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