• THE BEST suggestion I can offer is to call your vet. Ask how often his/her office does it AND what it is he or she uses. Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed asnswering it! VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Source: an educated guess.
  • I don't know why some A--hole downrated you for this but I would suggest re gravelling. 5 years with the same gravel seems like an awfully long time.
  • use powdered lime it will kill the smell but your dog will be safe. Just scatter some over the cement and let it go. Mr Bill
  • I'm not sure what formula bleach and water you use but it's listed in the link below. There are also options to deordorize. You probably have to do it more often. There is also options for what to put down instead of pea gravel with pros and cons. Give a read on K-9 Turf.

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