• Maybe they just hadn't found the right play for them?
  • I think you'll have to be a bit more specific about what role and which women you're referring to! If you're talking about the role of the 1950's housewife- who gave up work when she married and stayed home to have babies and run the household, I think that the main source of unhappiness was the feeling of being stuck in a doll's house type world. Many women I know with children often feel that although they love their children and enjoy spending time with them that they crave adult interaction and outside activities - which would have been accesible to the man working outside the home, but not to the woman within it. In the 1950's however, it was less likely than now that the father would be willing to look after the children a few hours (after all, he'd been at work all day!) whilst his wife attended an evening class, or went to her part time job or out to see her friends without children in tow- and the culture of babysitting is a relatively recent thing. I don't think it's suprising that some women were disattisfied with the limited and isolated existence which was often expected as a matter of course. A woman unmarried at 40 was still to some extent considered to be rather a sad figure, and a divorced woman to be rather tragic. Nowadays women of course can stay at home with children, and many choose to do so, but it is not quite as expected as it was in former years. I think much of the disattisfaction came from the lack of choice of role, rather than the role itself.
  • Assuming you are referring to silly traditional gender roles, the same reason as they are unhappy with it now, and good for them.
  • Some of us will never conform to a male chauvinist pig's expectations of us. That was as true in the 1950s as it is now.
  • 4-8-2017 You need to explain what you are talking about. Women NOW are unhappy with something or other, but women THEN thought their roles were just fine. Men worked and paid all the bills, women stayed home all day or went shopping or hung out with neighbors or bedded traveling peddlers. One house out of five had a kid not related to the man of the house. And divorce was almost unknown.
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      Moony, you have such a way with words!
  • Because they wanted to be part of the 'Swinging Sensation'. // // // After the Great Depression which ended ~ 1939ish, people had to get back on their feet. Some took to work, others to play..
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