• A year has 52 weeks. So, 52 times 500 = $26,000
  • what ever 52x500.00 is.
  • 24000 before taxes
  • more than most people in this world. count your blessings. about 8-9% of the world is unemployed. the other 42% that makes up half of the worlds population (and a small fraction of the total wealth) earn less than $1K on average. the average annual income worldwide is $7800.
  • $26,000 if you work ALL 52 weeks AND before the IRS, social security and other deductions take between 25-30%,which means you'll bring home about $18000/yr or %345/wk...(if youre lucky)
  • again, depends how many hours a year you will work !
  • Well it would depend on a number of things. 1) how many weeks in the year would you be working, 2) it could also be changed if you for some reason ended up not working the full year, 3) and also is the $500. a week your take home pay. If you worked a complete year you would just multiply $500 x 52 weeks, unless of course you didn't get paid for vacation time, or got more for vacation time, etc.
  • unable to answer... do you work a couple weeks a year??? 52??? what? i hope you get some good time off in there *.*
  • How many weeks per year do you work? Do you get paid vacation? Sick days? etc. Which year are we talking about? Most years have 52 weeks and one day, or 52⅟₇ weeks. Leap years have 52 weeks and *two* days, or 52²/₇ weeks. So if we’re assuming you’re on an annual salary that doesn’t take anything else into consideration but the number of weeks in the year, you’ll get: $500/week × 52⅟₇ weeks = $26,071.43 (non–leap year) $500/week × 52²/₇ weeks = $26,142.86 (leap year) So on average, assuming you won’t be keeping this job through the year 2100 (which would screw up the calculation slightly), you’ll make approximately $26,089.29/year.
  • Gross?? 26,000.00 Is easy: there are 26 weeks in 06 months: So you have $500.00 x 26 weeks = $13,000.00 (06 months or 26 weeks) Now you have $13,000.00 x 2 = $26,000.00. So you annualy income is $26,000.00. In doubt, all you will have to do is reverse: 26,000.00 . (divide) by 02 = 13,000.00 . (divide) by 26 (weeks) = $500.00
  • GOOD GRIEF don't they teach simple math anymore???????????
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  • Assuming you are exempt with paid vacation and sick time you earn $26,000 per year or 12.50 per hour. There are 168 hours in a week 24hrs x 7 days=168. (you only work 40 of the 168) so 40 working hours per week x 52 weeks=2080 working hours per year. 26,000 / 2080=12.50. Exempt means that your employer is not required by the wage and hour guidelines to pay you overtime. Non-Exempt means that your employer is required by the wage and hour guidelines to pay you overtime.
  • That would depend on how many weeks you work.
  • Do you not know how many weeks there are in a year? How do you function? $500 x 52 = $26,000 per year BEFORE taxes.
  • Easy. A year has 12 months, so divide 500 by 12 and you get $6,245.71.
  • $26,000

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