• No, AB shouldn't penalize point misers. They should allow people to use the site without ever having to worry about points if they so choose.
  • Yes, I hate it when someone gives an honest answer and then looses points because of it! But i think if you start to dock too many points, AB will not allow you to so for a while ... i think ...
  • I would think it a bit rude if someone took the time to answer my question and I didn't give them points. I don't get upset if someone forgets to give me points though as there are lots of reasons I'm here and the points are great but not worth stressing about
  • I think it would be impractical because everybody goes about their ABing differently. Some people aren't here for the points. They simply stay around the low levels and seek out intellectual topics that they like to argue about. Some people never ask questions; they just answer questions all the time and some of them never leave points. And yes, some users are notorious points farmers who take the points for their questions and run without rating any of the answers in the threads. The best way to penalize these folks is to let their questions go unanswered. Personally, I stay away from the points misers. I even got in trouble once for calling someone out on their miserly way of only giving answers a few points when they could be giving everybody the full six. I stopped getting upset about what people do or don't do with their points. After being here for nine months, I have mellowed enough to not get upset about what other users choose to do. It doesn't change the time on my clock.
  • No, but if we're gonna start, lets not forget, those who are on a higher level, and don't give a full load when someone answers their questions, or those who ask, and never give points ~ If we're gonna start punishing we might as well punish them all ~ Shoot before you know it we'll all be PB'd.
  • The staff already does so many things (trying to fix the glitches, reviewing flags submitted by the members, trying to make the website financially strong, among others). We should no longer bother them with complaints about the point misers. While the points don't really mean anything in real life, they do help in determining which questions and answers are good and which are not. That helps make Answerbag a better website in the long run. So personally, I penalize point misers by staying away from them. They ought to realize that being a point miser would be a good way to isolate themselves from the rest of the AB community.
  • No and don't sweat the small stuff. It's not like we can take our points for a discout at the mall or something. I do think it's rude to not leave points when someone answers your ques. or leave points when you answer a ques. I think it's REALLY rude to give a negative rating and not comment why...but no matter what we thnink, people will do as they feel. Like I said before, don't sweat the small stuff. It's not going to change the way people do things. I used to let it bother me then I realized if I can't take it I should leave AB. And AB is way to funto quit just because there are a few point hogs out there.
  • Why? What should matter is answering the question correctly, and/or honestly, and/or humorously - You know... Helping the questioner - That, making AB all it can and should be, and your personal interactions with people on the site. Points are gravy on top of that. There are those who do not give ANY points, those who give points without answering, those who give points when they answer, those who give points when they return to read comments, those who go back over their old questions passing out points... WHEN do you penalize anyone? And, if you penalize for 0 points, do you penalize for negative points?
  • No. Just what we need, some other dumb thing to worry about on here. Don't people have enough with whining and complaining about downarating and trolls, now we would have to add point misers to Answerbag's cacophony of hollered morality and values, too? Ugh, no thanks. I would rather concentrate on answers and questions, not points and more points. Besides aren't those supposed to be earned?
  • If I notice that a user never or rarely acknowledges my answers with points or comments, I just stop answering their questions. Seems reasonable to me. I don't think penalizing people for being stingy with point is practical or in the spirit of community.
  • No. We should. I know of atleast one who asks some of the best questions I have come across on this site but never ever rates/comments on your answers. So, what I do is I answer the question because it is certainly worth answering but I never rate the question. Tit for tat.:)
  • I absolutely agree with sm00z, he has beautifully covered most of the subjects. I would like to add that some users feel some kind of pain or distress to award full points and will limit the rating to +1 or +2, they could some how be called point stingy. It does bother me because some answers truly don't deserve such low ratings. It is to be taken into consideration that new users can't award more than they are allowed, thus I do help them out and award points for the best answers they got to level things out. There is no need to penalize the point misers, they are penalizing themselves. Regards.
  • Absolutely not. Points have already lost much of their meaning due to the fact that people: 1) Hand them out for no reason. 2) Hand them out to boost their own ratings-given percentage. 3) Can get loads of them based on moderation rather than the quality of their questions or answers. The last thing we need is to add a climate of fear and intimidation to that list. If anything, people should be limited from giving out points indiscriminately. If people had a more strictly limited number of points to give, maybe they'd increase the value of their points by saving them for the very best input.

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